The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Red Spots On Several Parts Of The Child’s Body?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Red Spots On Several Parts Of The Child’s Body?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Red Spots On Several Parts Of The Child’s Body?

,, my child how come yesterday and until this morning is still a feverAnd after the fever down arises red spots on the hands and feetAnd on the edge of the lips and on the tongue …. please explain, what happened? And guess what should be done “Dangerous or not? Thank you in advance”

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Hello Lanjar

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I understand your concern, Fever is one of the most common symptoms suffered by children. However, actually there is no need to worry when a child has a fever. Because, this condition occurs because the body is fighting the virus and building the body's natural defense against infection. The problem is, often after the fever ends, a rash or red spots appear on the little body, there are several causes of red spots on the child's skin that appear after the following fever including:

singapur flu / Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease: HFMD is often known as hand, foot and mouth disease. Generally this disease is characterized by the appearance of fever accompanied by sore throat and decreased appetite. After a fever, ulcer-like sores appear which are usually in the back of the mouth, then accompanied by reddish spots on the palms and legs.

reseola: a mild illness caused by a virus. Fever in roseola sufferers is generally followed by other symptoms, such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, coughing, runny nose. When the fever subsides, usually a pink rash on the abdomen, back and chest of the child within 12 or 24 hours after the fever ends.

Fifth disease: also often experienced by children. This condition begins with the appearance of a slight fever, then a prominent red rash appears on the cheeks. This rash then spreads to the body, hands and feet.

You should do a direct examination of your child to find out the possible causes of pediatricians, so the doctor can do the examination and provide proper handling. usually if caused by a virus will heal itself after 2 weeks long actually actually 1 week has improved, the virus can usually be overcome only by increasing the child's immune system, and only provide symptomatic treatment or symptoms experienced.

You can take care at home for your child:

if the fever you can give a warm compress to the forehead between the armpits and spread
You can also give fever and pain-reducing drugs such as paracetamol syrup with the dosage listed on the package
you can give enough fluids to the child, for example if it is still breast milk, continue breastfeeding and give as often as possible, if you can drink water can be given frequently so that the child does not become dehydrated
give adequate rest to the child
give the child a nutritious and healthy food that he likes, if the child is older can be given a soft meal first
avoid children leave the house first until fully recovered

if your child has a high fever accompanied by seizures, continues to find symptoms of dehydration such as fussing constantly, sunken eyes, urinating a little, vomiting constantly, feet feel very cold, you can immediately take the child to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

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