The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Sweaty Hands

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Sweaty Hands
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever Accompanied By Sweaty Hands

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Hello Ipul, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Based on the symptoms that you complain about, there are several diseases that have signs and symptoms like you experience. At present covid infection 19 is increasingly growing in number of sufferers. And this makes everyone panic and worry. This is because transmission is very fast. Symptoms of covid 19 are high fever above 38 degrees Celsius, coughing and shortness of breath. These symptoms are almost the same as other flu symptoms.

From the complaint you mentioned, it is still not very specific to lead to an illness. Because the complaint information that you submit is just a fever without knowing the exact temperature, how many days the complaint has arisen, etc. Very many diseases that have complaints of fever. Fever is most often caused by viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. In addition there are many causes of fever, such as autoimmune diseases, immunization, hormonal disorders, the influence of drugs, etc.

Because the current transmission of covid 19 is difficult to control, there are people who are infected and cause symptoms and some who are asymptomatic. So what you should do right now is:

 Enough rest. Do not leave the house for at least 14 days. Compress warm water on the forehead or fold the armpits to help lower body temperature. Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit. Consumption of enough water. Consumption of over-the-counter heat-reducing drugs in pharmacies such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Use a mask when coughing / runny nose. Or if there isn't, apply the correct cough ethic by coughing using the inner arm, or using a handkerchief / tissue to cover it and then immediately removing the tissue. Wash your hands with soap before and after touching / doing activities. Avoid going to a crowded place if it's not an emergency. Consult a doctor if complaints persist and worsen. That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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