The Cause Of Fever At Night Accompanied By Itchy Throat And Phlegm?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever At Night Accompanied By Itchy Throat And Phlegm?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever At Night Accompanied By Itchy Throat And Phlegm?

I coughed for almost a month, had time to seek treatment and there was a result but when the medicine ran out again he continued to seek treatment again he said he was allergic to the weather continued to be given medication but without itching. Continue to get hot at night when treatment again there is a result but when it relapsed again itchy throat continues to phlegm again then in the morning like shivering and warm body think about why.? They say don’t tell me what is right?

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Hi Afkarina,

Allergy is an excessive reaction that arises in the body after exposure to allergens (allergens). Allergic reactions and types of allergens can differ in each individual so that the symptoms caused can also be different in each person, however coughing can indeed be caused by allergies. Apart from allergies, here are some medical conditions that can cause coughing:

Respiratory tract irritation due to pollution, dust or dirt

Respiratory tract infections or lungs, these complaints generally can be accompanied by accompanying symptoms such as fever, aches, weakness, fatigue, etc.
Drug side effects, for example consumption of high blood pressure ace-inhibitors

Malignancy or cancer
Due to complaints that you have been going on for quite a long time and get heavier, you should check with your doctor first to ensure the cause of the complaint in order to get the appropriate treatment.

Your doctor will ask for a history of complaints that you experience, do a physical examination or supporting examination if needed. Supporting examinations that can be recommended by a doctor is a blood test, sputum culture or x-rays. Treatment that can be given by a doctor will be adjusted to the cause of your complaint. If the cough is caused by allergies, your doctor may prescribe hypo-allergenic drugs such as cetirizine. If the complaint is caused by an infection then the doctor will prescribe medication to help resolve the complaint and give antibiotics according to the bacteria that causes it.

The following recommendations for you:

Avoid conditions that can trigger your complaints
Do a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest
Consume enough water, a minimum of 2-3 liters per day
You can take over-the-counter cough medicines to help reduce your complaints, check with your doctor immediately if the complaints persist or worsen
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