The Cause Of Fever At Night?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever At Night?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever At Night?

Hello doctor. R nI want to ask, my body is hot at sunset until morning and cold at morning. The heat until bathing sweat I was sleeping, already Sunday I like this prg went to the health center said he had a fever and my eyes also had to be checked. The pain now feels my throat hurts when I swallow and my ears feel numb and my head bends My neck aches, my head hurts when I see my handphone.

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Hi Donny,

Late-night fever, which is accompanied by a sore throat, and neck and head pain, can be caused by the following:

Viral infections such as influenza, mononucleosis, measles
For example bacterial infections: by streptococcal bacteria
There is an infection around the neck and head, for example: sinusitis, toothache, ear infection.

Please check with your doctor again, especially since this has been going on for 1 week. Proper treatment is needed, so that this condition does not cause dangerous complications.

Our suggestion:

Make sure your mouth cavity is clean, brush your teeth regularly, and use mouthwash solution
Check if you have other disorders around the neck and face, then treat this directly to the doctor
You can use painkillers and fever for a while, such as: paracetamol
Drink a lot of water
Get enough rest every day
Wear a mask if necessary, to also avoid transmission to family members or other friends

Thus, hopefully can help you.

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