The Cause Of Fever Has Been 8 Days In Children?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever Has Been 8 Days In Children?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever Has Been 8 Days In Children? Bing

Dear doctor, my son is 23 months old. It’s been 8 days of fever. And I’ve been to the doctor 3 times. Details÷rnFever 1-2 high fever drinking tempra went down then a few hours went up againrnFever on the 3rd day. The temperature at that time was high until the nurse was given medicine but it was hot via the anus by the nurse. .rnOn the 6th day I still had a fever and then diarrhea appeared up to 7xrnHr 7th day I had a fever and diarrhea, I was brought back to the village again with dysentery.rnBut the child’s Pup had no blood. Children tend to be weak. His lips are cracked. Sus still wants but a little.rnIf you have dysentery, why did you only have diarrhea on the 6th day? My son pooped not bleeding and only appeared on the 6th day. Hr 1-5 no diarrhea.rnPlease advise

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From the information you convey, the presence of fever for 7 days or more and accompanied by diarrhea on the 6th day is probably a process and a journey of the child's illness. accompanying complaints during the treatment period.

Therefore, your efforts to consult a doctor or DSA as early as possible is a positive step, even though until now you are still experiencing complaints of fever or even diarrhea, but it is hoped that further treatment processes can help your child's recovery period.

Some of the conditions below can cause fever in children that does not improve, namely:


2. Intake of food that is less than optimal

3. typhoid infection

4. Dengue fever

5. malaria (especially in endemic areas)

6. Digestive disorders, such as diarrhea

7. Untreated urinary tract infection

Therefore, you should continue with the necessary care and medication. If hospitalization is required according to the condition, then you should continue the doctor's plan for hospitalization, this is to prevent the risk of dehydration in your child.

In addition, if necessary, you can ask for a second opinion to another DSA to evaluate the progress of your child's illness. Don't forget to bring all the results of the lab tests and also the treatment that has been done.

For now you still have to maintain the fluid needs of the child's body, so as to prevent the risk of dehydration.

That's the information we can convey, read also fever.


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