The Cause Of Fever Is Accompanied By Anxiety, Cough, Dizziness And Joint Pain. Is It Corona?

I have been experiencing coughing, dizziness, aching in my bones, especially my waist and knee joints, and have been restless. Initially I also felt a high fever, but now the fever has gone down. I have been to the clinic 2 times but the only change is my fever is going down. On the fourth day, my anxiety is getting more and more uncertain, my heart is pounding … So, I want to ask if this is a characteristic of people affected by corona?

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Hi Fifi.

Covid-19 pandemic is indeed enough to make people uneasy. The thing that also makes this infection problematic is the symptoms and the signs are not typical. Most symptoms and signs are similar to influenza infections, with fever above 38C for at least 2 days, dry cough, and shortness of breath in severe cases. Colds, sore throats, inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye, headaches, muscle and joint pain, sometimes accompanying. However, some positive cases of Covid-19, do not give symptoms of fever or anything.

Basic Pasa, if you have a history of traveling abroad or in contact with people who have just come from wild countries, of course there is the possibility of contracting the corona virus. Work history or daily contact with many people, can also increase risk. You can call the special covid-19 hotline at 119 ext 9. The clerk will explain what steps you can take. At present, it doesn't hurt to do more stringent self-protection:

 Wear a mask all the time, including at home. Change or wash the mask every day. Wash your hands often, especially after removing nasal mucus. Avoid touching the face when not needed. Immediately dispose of used tissue in the trash. Cover your nose and mouth with your elbows when sneezing and coughing. Cut the nails so that microorganisms do not gather under the nails. Avoid contact with infants, children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases as much as possible. Hopefully this information can be useful. Regards.

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