The Cause Of Fever Is Accompanied By Chills, Dizziness, Nausea And Muscle Aches

I just asked lately that my body is hot. But after I recovered my body began to shiver again, then my head was dizzy, my muscles ached and I like nausea and vomiting after eating. It happened repeatedly after recovering like that again. why is that something

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Hello Yanti, thank you for asking

Heartburn can mean fever. Fever itself is a condition when body temperature rises more than 380C. Body temperature itself is a measure of the body's ability to produce and get rid of heat. Normal body temperature is between 36.50C - 37.20C and can vary depending on the activities being carried out and the ambient temperature of the environment, as well as diseases that may infect ourselves.

Fever is not a disease, but is a symptom of an infection or inflammation. Generally the disease is due to infection or inflammation caused by viruses and bacteria. When there are microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria that enter the body, the immune system will fight them so that they do not actually cause infection. The reaction from resistance is what gives rise to fever in the body. The following are diseases caused by trade and infections that cause fever, namely:

Dengue fever

Upper respiratory tract infections (ARI),

Pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat),
Gastrointestinal inflammation (typhoid),

Regarding the corona pandemivirus, I suggest to postpone checking into a health facility if there is no emergency or no such thing happens. You should stay at home and do physical distancing to prevent transmission of COVID-19. To reduce fever and your immune system can increase, do the following:

Eat nutritious and balanced food
Expand vegetables and fruit
Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day
Wash your hands often so that cleanliness is maintained and the risk of transmission of the virus decreases
Manage stress
Enough sleep
Perform periodic body temperature measurements
If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, give a fever-lowering medication such as paracetamol according to the dose
Compress with warm water on the head
Take a shower with warm water
See a doctor immediately to determine the conditions that cause this if the fever does not decrease for 3 days
Eat a regular diet, if you feel nauseous, eat a little but often

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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