The Cause Of Fever Is Accompanied By Headaches And Muscle Aches?

Good night I want to ask, I have a headache, muscle aches, back of the eye feels sore, runny nose, cough r nWe are the symptoms of what?

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Headaches, muscle aches, aches behind the eyes, colds, and cough are actually more likely to be caused by influenza. This condition is caused by a viral infection in the respiratory tract. This virus can spread easily from sufferers to other people through splashes of mucus from the respiratory tract, including when talking, sneezing, coughing, to exchange utensils. It can also, transmission occurs indirectly, for example when you shake hands with hands that have been contaminated with a virus. Children, the elderly, and people with immune system who are less prime can be more easily infected with influenza. Not only that, the risk of having influenza is also higher in people who come in close contact with other influenza sufferers, for example at work, school, daycare, and so on.

In addition to influenza, your complaints may also arise due to other causes, such as common cold, respiratory infections by other microorganisms, dengue fever, typhoid fever, chikungunya, viral or other bacterial infections, tonsillopharyngitis, migraines, cluster headaches, etc. .

To distinguish each of the above possibilities, you need to see yourself directly to a doctor, ENT specialist, or specialist in internal medicine so that a more detailed examination. If it is true that your complaint arises due to influenza, often this condition can be cured in 3 to 5 days with good endurance. However, if the cause of your complaint is something else, maybe your doctor will also provide some special treatment.

In the meantime, first do the following steps:

Drink more water
Take paracetamol to help relieve headaches, muscle aches, back pain, and aches
Get plenty of rest, avoid activities that are too tiring
Avoid contact with substances that might trigger your allergies
Use a mask to prevent the entry of harmful foreign particles into the airway
Eat more fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Wash your hands diligently

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