The Cause Of Fever Up And Down Prolonged In Children 1 Year?

Excuse me, I want to ask, my child is 13 months old and has a fever that has fluctuated up to 20 days. If during a fever, his child is a bit fussy, but if the fever goes down actively playing and the fever starts since the measles immunization, it’s already given to the child specialist 2x, but he still gives medicine. I finally brought it to the Regional Hospital and was prescribed, then it was given a bloody day and I was going to have a blood test for 2 days. Yeah, cold is normal. 3 days Then I go out of town, in the news again fever up and down again fever 37.2 then what should I do .. ??

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Hi Roni,

Fever that has fluctuated for 20 days, must require further examination, such as: complete and repeated blood tests, PPD test for tuberculosis, chest x-rays, urine and urine culture tests, stool tests and others that will later be considered necessary by the doctor.

Some of the causes of fever that lingering in infants include:

Repeated viral infections, in infants with low immune system, for example: influenza recurs in the near future.
Urinary tract infection
Tooth Eruption
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Inflammatory bowel disease
Autoimmune disease
Thyroid disorders
Malignancy process

You should still bring control to the doctor according to schedule, to find out the cause of this condition. In the meantime, several things can be done:

Give the baby to drink more and often than usual, can drink water, or milk
Pay attention to the type of baby food, which is suitable for him and not suitable
Continue to provide fever-reducing medication and use it only if necessary
Give your baby food supplements according to the doctor's recommendations later
Breastfeeding will keep the baby healthier, compared to formula milk
Also make sure the baby wears clothes that are loose and absorb sweat, and are in a healthy environment

Thus, hopefully can help you.

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