The Cause Of Fever Up And Down That Never Subsides?

Illustration of The Cause Of Fever Up And Down That Never Subsides?
Illustration: The Cause Of Fever Up And Down That Never Subsides?

Good afternoon, I want to ask, I have been sick for 5 days, I never let up, I have tried a blood test. Tipes or dbd, but the results are negative. from the top until the bottom of the pain can not be long for sitting or standing must lie down first-plus 2 days ago until now often nauseousThat’s why yes please help🙏

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question to

Fever since 5 days ago, up and down, accompanied by pain in the whole body and nausea. For complaints like this there are indeed many possible diagnoses, including dengue fever, typhus (typhoid), respiratory infections or other digestive tracts.

For dengue fever, complaints are usually in the form of fever which starts from the beginning is already high, pain behind the eyeball, pain in the whole body, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, red spots on the body, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and other signs of bleeding. To ensure the diagnosis of dengue fever blood tests need to be done to determine the value of platelets and hematocrit in the blood, platelets (blood clots) will usually go down, hematocrit (comparison of blood plasma content) will increase. Usually forced results will appear on a blood test on days 4-5 of fever.

For typhoid or commonly known as typhus, symptoms last longer about 5-7 days still have fever, accompanied by diarrhea or difficult bowel movements, fever is usually high at night. To get meaningful results, blood tests should be carried out above day 5, which is day 6 or 7 fever. Because if done before day 5, the results will be negative and not meaningful to help establish the diagnosis.

Another possibility of a fever that for up to 5 days has not been improved, can be caused by other infections, namely respiratory infections characterized by coughing, greenish yellow phlegm colds, or infections of the other digestive tract usually accompanied by the presence of a greenish chapter or body skin impressed yellow and so on. So as to ensure a diagnosis and get a more appropriate treatment, you should do a check-up with a general practitioner or internist and later a repeat laboratory examination for routine blood to get signs of dengue and other blood tests for signs of typhus and blood tests should be done on the day to 6-7 fever.

What can be done to reduce complaints and prevent worsening:

- drink at least 2L of water per day to prevent dehydration

eat healthy and nutritious food, reduce acidic and spicy foods, eat on time

- Maintain personal hygiene and the environment from dirt, dust and other sources of infection.

Thank you, hopefully useful :)

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