The Cause Of Frequent Coughing Up Blood Is In A History Of Throat Trauma?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Coughing Up Blood Is In A History Of Throat Trauma?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Coughing Up Blood Is In A History Of Throat Trauma?

I was about 15 years ago in my nephew’s throat after being punched I felt my throat hurt u0026amp; feels like it’s crushed but I don’t have any vomiting or dizziness because I’m a kid u0026amp; do not understand I just ignore u0026amp; Didn’t tell old people, after the last 4 years I often got sore throat and sputum mixed with blood. Phlegm comes out when I brush my teeth, clean my tongue, the last 2 years if I am tired, I often stay up late, I brush my teeth when I clean my tongue. I must have spattered with blood in the morning. In the past 1 year I have been coughing all of a sudden “can be all day sometimes days ” heal by myself without taking cough medicine, because the last 1 year often stay up late, lack of rest, phlegm mixed with blood, the more frequent it comes out, sometimes for days every morning when you clean the tongue, it will come out. I tried several times to go to my doctor’s practice Uda explained the chronology of the incident but it was said that it was only sore throat, when I said that the sputum mixed with blood came out, the doctor answered “that’s gum blood, no time” I showed him the sputum photo only I answered “it’s okay” every time I go for treatment, it’s only given antibiotics u0026amp; inflammatory drugs, indeed after taking the medicine it gets better for a while but if I feel tired again, I get phlegm. I was advised by a doctor about antibiotics u0026amp; the inflammation that he prescribed runs out of phlegm mixed with blood still coming out, it is also recommended X-ray, I am confused about what to come to a specialist doctor. Is this trauma wound in the throat that is quite long like mine is dangerous? can it still be handled? can still fully recover? If I want to seek treatment what doctor should I come to? because I live in a small district only a hospital u0026amp; the doctor is not yet available hood, please advise …

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Hello, Damoy Ajah, thank you for asking

Coughing up phlegm mixed with blood can be caused by several possibilities:

1. Bronchitis

2. Tuberculosis

3. Bronchiectasis

4. Certain autoimmune diseases

5. Use of blood thinners

6. Trauma or injury

7. Bleeding from outside the respiratory tract and lungs accidentally choking into the trachea (airway before air enters the lungs), for example blood from the digestive tract, nosebleeds, blood from the gums, etc.

To ascertain the cause, complete data about your complaints and medical history, direct physical examination, as well as supporting examinations, such as X-rays, CT-scans, complete blood tests, sputum tests, and endoscopy are needed.

Injuries / injuries caused by a blow to the neck area will usually cause symptoms immediately or not long after the incident. Moreover, this incident has been around 15 years ago. However, to be sure, it is necessary to have it checked directly by a doctor and a supporting examination is carried out as described above. You can come to a general practitioner or if you want a specialist you can come to a specialist in internal medicine.

Immediately see a doctor if there are symptoms such as: fever, night sweats, cough for more than 2 weeks, involuntary weight loss, shortness of breath, blood doesn't stop, and difficulty swallowing. Avoid smoke and cigarettes to reduce respiratory irritation, drink plenty of water to thin out phlegm, and get enough rest.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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