The Cause Of Frequent Dizziness, Tingling Hands And Feet And Dry And Restless Lips?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Dizziness, Tingling Hands And Feet And Dry And Restless Lips?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Dizziness, Tingling Hands And Feet And Dry And Restless Lips?

, lately I often feel dizzy, my hands / feet feel cold and sometimes feel tingling and my lips feel dry and sometimes restless … please advise and a solution, thanks

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Hello Afif

Anxiety is closely related to worry and anxiety, which of course must be a cause whether it is work / education problems, relationships with parents / friends / spouses, and various other factors.

When a person is worried, it is not uncommon for various complaints to appear, such as headaches, dizziness, cold hands and feet, excessive sweating, shaking, and even stomach pain, causing diarrhea. If the source of the anxiety is clear (eg due to a task that must be completed in the near future) then the complaints will disappear when the cause has been resolved / resolved.

However, some of the following medical conditions also need to be considered because they have similar complaints

Blood pressure is too low (hypotension)
Eating late so that blood sugar levels become very low
Side effects of alcohol and certain drugs (especially narcotics)

Generalized anxiety disorder, this is different from the normal anxiety experienced by everyone. In generalized anxiety disorder, the symptoms of anxiety are much more severe, and generally the cause of the anxiety is unclear, or is simply caused by trivial things.

It is necessary to do a direct examination by a doctor first to be able to ascertain what condition is the cause of Afif to experience these complaints, because the information from the complaints alone is not sufficient to provide the real condition of what is being experienced by Afif.

Some suggestions for Afif to try to do are

Manage stress in the right way, for example by doing a favorite activity
Get used to eating regularly, which is 3 times a day.
Don't get used to staying up late, try to get the duration of sleep at night around up to 8 hours
Exercising 2-3x / week, every sport try to have a long enough duration that is more than 30 minutes.

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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