The Cause Of Frequent Eye Pain Since Childhood?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Eye Pain Since Childhood?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Eye Pain Since Childhood?

hello, I used to experience eye pain from the age of 5th to 16th. when I go to the doctor the cause is always different. some say allergies, dry eyes, and the last I checked in high school, doctors said I had autoimmune disease. Now I am 18 years old, his eye has never recurred, but do I still need ANA test to know whether I really have autoimmune disease or not? Thank you very much

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Hello Gasnus, thank you for the question.

Autoimmune diseases can attack any organ, heart, kidney, skin, to the eye. The most common autoimmune disease is lupus or SLE. Symptoms that appear vary depending on the organ affected, the eye can cause blurred, red, dry eyes, and others. This disease is caused because our immune system recognizes the body's own cells as enemies so that the immune cells will attack the body's own cells and form bonds of immune complexes, this immune complex will then settle in the organs in the body. Some factors that can increase the risk of this disease include:

Productive age
Bacterial and viral infections (one of which is theEpstein Barr virus),
Exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet),
Some chemicals such as mercury and silica.

If the doctor has conducted questions and answers, physical examination and suspects an autoimmune disease, it is better to have a supporting examination such as laboratory examination including ANA, DsDNA, etc., complete ophthalmology examination, and others to ascertain the cause of the underlying complaint so that the management can be done more precisely. It is better to avoid complaints to the eyes, do not rub your eyes often, avoid the use of contact lenses, clean the rest of the eye cosmetics, use eye protection such as glasses when in the environment with dirty air, always maintain health conditions, adequate rest, eat healthy food and nutritious, sufficient for fluids, avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and stress. Because this disease can attack all organs in the body, if other complaints arise such as red spots on the skin, reddish-colored urination or a little urination, chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness, or appearing red spots on the face should not be delayed for see a doctor.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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