The Cause Of Frequent Itching In The Vaginal Area?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Itching In The Vaginal Area?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Itching In The Vaginal Area?

good night ,, ratri want to ask ,, how come I often feel itchiness in the vagina yes … even when I sleep it still feels … guess what is the cause? at my age n r nthings are still 16 years what might it be a disease yes? r nthank you

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Hello Ratrie,

Are there any complaints other than itching, for example vaginal discharge or pain? Itchy vagina can be caused by various things, some possible causes of vaginal itching include:

Irritants of certain substances that come into contact with the vagina such as soap, feminine cleaning fluids, detergents, pads, condoms
Vaginal infections, such as fungal and bacterial infections, are often accompanied by vaginal discharge
Fungal infections of the skin around the vagina
Lichen sclerosis
Pinworm infection, usually occurs in children
Excess stress
Hormonal changes during menstruation

The cause of itching can be ascertained if the examination has been done by a doctor directly yes. For the time being, try doing the following tips to reduce the itching:

Maintain cleanliness of the vagina
Wash the vagina from front to back with clean water, no need to use soap or vaginal cleaning fluid
When using pads, change pads more often
Avoid using pantyliners too often
Use pants that are comfortable and not tight
Dry the vagina before wearing panties
Avoid sharing clothes with other people
Change panties more often
Soak in warm or cold water, which is more comfortable for you
Manage stress well
Avoid free sex

If by doing the various tips above you still feel itchiness in the vagina, I suggest that you see a doctor directly first so that further tests can be done if needed with a vaginal fluid test or skin scrapings if itching around the vagina to determine the cause of the itching . If the cause is confirmed, the doctor can provide more optimal treatment for you.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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