The Cause Of Frequent Late Menstruation?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Late Menstruation?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Late Menstruation?

, I want to ask . Why do I like being late in my month, huh? If it’s a week or 2 weeks late, I still know. But I was almost 3 months late. Last January I was still menstruating, when I finished my period. I entered month 2 when I got married and in month 3 I had not yet come in months until now. But when I checked using the test pack, the results were still negative. What do you think the cause is? I am afraid it will become a disease. thank you

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Hello Yuli sister,

Late menstruation in married women apart from being a sign of pregnancy, can also be caused by hormonal disorders such as thyroid disease, polycystic cyst syndrome, or infectious diseases such as pelvic inflammation to nutritional disorders such as extreme diets as well as stress thoughts or work, or it can be a side effect. KB.

To know the cause requires direct examination by a doctor such as the stomach, blood tests, thyroid hormone checks if necessary, blood sugar tests and ultrasound. Treatment is given according to the cause, such as nutritional supplements such as folic acid, treatment of menstrual-triggering hormones to periodic observation for cysts, and antibiotics if there is an infection.

It is recommended that sisters eat nutritious food, drink enough, avoid msg, fatty foods, preservatives. Get enough rest and avoid staying up late.

If menstruation is late until 3, it does not require examination to a gynecologist. Periodic supervision is required. Check the pregnancy program to your obstetrician

May be useful. Click the article: quick tips to get pregnant after marriage. the cause of late menstruation. Menstruation

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