The Cause Of Frequent Mood Swings, Frequent Headaches And Irregular Sleep Patterns?

Illustration of The Cause Of Frequent Mood Swings, Frequent Headaches And Irregular Sleep Patterns?
Illustration: The Cause Of Frequent Mood Swings, Frequent Headaches And Irregular Sleep Patterns?

Hello, I’m Angel, a high school student. Lately when I was silent, I always felt afraid of death. I was afraid if my mother would leave me. And I once thought if I died, could I choose, thinking that scared me. And I often experience quite dramatic changes in mood. If I am in class, when I stay on my bench, I can be a person who is silent and doesn’t want to talk much but if I move to my friend’s seat, I become a very cheerful person. Similarly, if at home. Lately I often feel a headache that never goes away, my headache will feel better if I take a headache medicine. I think I have a headache because I think of a task that has not been completed, is that correct ?. And 2 or several times my eyes are strange in an instant. And sleep and eating patterns are very messy and irregular. Do I have problems with my body?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the uncomfortable feeling you feel.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as a well-being condition in which an individual realizes his potential, is able to face the challenges / stress of normal life, can be productive at work, and can contribute to society . The characteristics of people with mental health disorders include:

Clinically there are disorders of the mind, feelings, or behavior
Causing problems (distress), dysfunction (dysfunction), or disability for yourself and the environment

Your complaints do not rule out the possibility of symptoms of mental health disorders that need to be evaluated by a doctor. However, the symptoms are not specific only found in a particular mental health disorder. There are still several possible differential diagnoses that need to be excluded, including: physical health problems / disorders, mental and behavioral disorders due to the use of psychoactive substances, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, stress related disorders, to personality disorders and adult behavior .

The diagnosis of mental health disorders can only be done through direct evaluation by a doctor or a psychiatric specialist. The doctor needs to plant a systematic systematic history of complaints and associated biopsychosocial factors, then examine the body comprehensively, and consider supporting examinations if indicated. Based on the synthesis of the evaluation process series, then the doctor can get an assessment of your condition and then plan for an appropriate treatment. This series of evaluation processes cannot be replaced by mere presentation of symptoms through an online platform. Therefore, we advise you to see yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in psychiatry.

It should be understood that self-diagnosis by ordinary people of the symptoms experienced is not recommended because it is usually only based on the results of limited information search on the internet and and its truth cannot be justified scientifically.

Doctors can provide supportive counseling and psychotherapy to help patients with mental health disorders deal with (coping) and manage stress, identify symptoms, plan realistic therapeutic targets, and control themselves if symptoms occur. If there are indications, the doctor may also prescribe medication to help patients feel more comfortable and help deal with the disease.

As a suggestion, you should be able to talk about complaints that are felt to those closest to you who believe and trust can support therapy. Support from the closest people will greatly support the successful handling of health problems. You are also encouraged to continue your favorite activities in order to channel your feelings through positive things. Thus information from us. May be useful.

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