The Cause Of Hair Loss, Acne, CHAPTER 3 Days, Right Chest Pain?

Illustration of The Cause Of Hair Loss, Acne, CHAPTER 3 Days, Right Chest Pain?
Illustration: The Cause Of Hair Loss, Acne, CHAPTER 3 Days, Right Chest Pain?

I am a 20-year-old woman, my hair has been falling out for 3 months even though I use the shampoo that I usually use, and I also often feel pain in the right breast slightly pulled over, and I very rarely chapters and chapters can be 3 days. Then I often appear pimples even though I have used acne removal products and keep my face clean. What’s wrong with my body?

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Complaints of hair loss, acne, CHAPTER 3 days, right chest pain, may be related to the hormonal influence of your woman and your physical fatigue. If you feel acne complaints, you should not do independent treatment, because this can aggravate your acne complaints and prolong your treatment process. If you feel annoying acne complaints, even though you have maintained skin hygiene, then you should consider consulting directly with your dermatologist. The doctor will conduct an examination and ascertain whether the acne complaint is related to the female hormonal influence. In general, complaints of hormonal pimples are felt to increase during menstruation and will decrease after the menstrual period passes.

Similarly, complaints of hair loss. Female patients with hair loss, can also be affected by disorders of the female hormonal balance. In cases of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) it can be characterized by impaired hormonal balance and accompanying complaints, such as:

 Hair loss and baldness Acne is darker Skin disorders Menstruation Smooth hair on the face on clinical examination, found a number of small cysts in the ovary Increased hormonal masculine / androgen However, this needs to be considered for other possibilities of hair loss, such as inflammation of the scalp, fungal infections or drugs / chemicals used, and possible genetic factors.

While complaints of chest pain that you feel on the side of your breast may be caused by stiffness in your chest muscles. If you experience complaints of chest pain that are not specific, then patients with chest pain can be considered several possible causes other than chest stiffness, such as stress, lack of sleep, physical fatigue, obesity or never exercising. While other medical conditions can also trigger complaints of chest pain, such as a long cough, lung infection, chest trauma or spinal cord disorders.

Related to the habit of bowel movements, the chapter is still considered normal if the patient has a habit of bowel movements 3 times a day until once every 3 days, then this is still within tolerance. However, with a regular CHAPTER about once a day will provide comfort for you in helping to maintain your digestive system. Longer or less frequent bowel habits can cause constipation or difficult bowel complaints, and this is usually related to the type of food consumed and lifestyle habits that are lived. If you do not get used to maintaining healthy foods for you, such as eating spicy foods, instant foods in packs, foods with strong instant seasonings, oily foods or foods lacking in fiber, then this will trigger complaints of long-standing or not bowel habits. day. Likewise, if you rarely exercise, your bowel movements are not running optimally, causing the urge and stimulation of bowel movements will be longer. So doing sports routines will help control complaints that interfere with bowel movements.

From all the descriptions above, you need to underline several things, namely:

 Get used to exercise Avoid staying up late at night Live a healthy diet and lifestyle Idealize body weight Consult these complaints with your dermatologist or obstetrician for evaluation and examination A visit to your doctor, is an important step in ascertaining the possible causes of the complaint you are feeling. If you do not do a direct examination to the doctor, then all the possible causes of this complaint you can not know well. With a direct examination, the doctor can conduct interviews and conduct physical examinations and supporting examinations that are needed, such as blood tests, ultrasound, or radiological examinations to help determine the cause. The results of this examination will be a reference for your doctor in providing further care and treatment for you. Thus, all these complaints can be controlled one by one, and you feel more comfortable.

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