The Cause Of Having A Sleep Disorder Is Conscious Dreaming And Fatigue When You Wake Up?

Illustration of The Cause Of Having A Sleep Disorder Is Conscious Dreaming And Fatigue When You Wake Up?
Illustration: The Cause Of Having A Sleep Disorder Is Conscious Dreaming And Fatigue When You Wake Up?

Good afternoon, my name is Evi. I am 21 years old, why do I often experience sleep disorders? For example I often experience half-sleep and half-conscious, sometimes I hear noise that makes me disturbed. I tried to wake up completely but sometimes it was very difficult, I tried to scream and wake my friend to wake me up but it was difficult to make a sound. Apart from that I feel like I can move my body but in reality my body doesn’t move at all. Plus I often have conscious dreams since childhood, even I have experienced this conscious dream 5 times overnight. Some of these sleep disorders make me tired when I wake up. My question is, what causes sleep disorders? thanks.

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Hello Evi, thanks for asking.

Normally an adult human needs a total of 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Until now there is no definite consensus that sets the best time period for sleep. In sleep there is a REM (rapid eye movement) phase and NREM (non rapid eye movement) phase. The two phases occur alternately as we sleep. In the REM phase a dream occurs. Brain activity increases, even though people are still in an unconscious condition.

During sleep, it can actually be said that the physical condition is in a state of 'paralysis'. Skeletal muscles are in a state of relaxation, so a person rarely moves while sleeping. In people with sleep disorders, sometimes consciousness is awake, but the body is still in a state of relaxation. This is what causes a person to wake up but cannot move and make a sound.

Sleep disorders can be caused by psychological conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, and so on. In addition, physical conditions such as OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome) also often cause sleep disorders. When an OSAS attack occurs, a person stops breathing for a moment, so the oxygen-deficient brain immediately commands the person to wake up. OSAS causes a person to have nightmares, wake up many times, so in the morning a person continues to feel tired and lethargic and difficult to concentrate.

Consult this with a psychiatrist or psychologist. The doctor will look for the cause, whether it comes from psychological or physical problems. Sleep therapy assisted by sleep technicians is expected to control sleep disorders. Try not to do too tiring activities a few hours before bedtime. Perform relaxation methods before going to bed.

That is my explanation. May be useful. Regards.

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