The Cause Of Headaches Accompanied By A Hot Throat?

Illustration of The Cause Of Headaches Accompanied By A Hot Throat?
Illustration: The Cause Of Headaches Accompanied By A Hot Throat?

Hello, I want to ask about my condition, I have a fever and feeling unwell and a headache and a hot throat that has not healed for a week. I already checked into the clinic on the second day of illness but the results showed that the tension temperature and the organs were in a normal condition. Indeed, when I checked I was rather better. When it was given vitamins paracetamol and cetirizine. And the next day after the check I got sick again. So my body feels better only when the reaction of the drug works. Because I felt that taking medicine from the clinic didn’t cure it, then I didn’t take it anymore. I tried the medicine at the nearest pharmacy, and it was the same. I feel better only when the medicinal properties are at work. What do you think I’m sick of? What should I do? Or what medicine should I take? So, before and after I thank you

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Hello Carolus Ryan,

Meriang is a sign that the body is experiencing an unfavorable condition where this condition can occur then followed by a number of symptoms such as one of them is fever and other symptoms according to the cause. Chills and fever alone are signs that the body is resisting the presence of less normal conditions in the body. The causes themselves can be varied such as an infection in the respiratory tract, infection of the digestive tract, or other causes such as dengue fever, typhus or others that may be lighter such as cold or cold colds.

The disease itself has a course of disease in which the symptoms can disappear and arise or the symptoms of severe macina do not increase, so often we feel that the drugs that have been given are not working effectively. For this reason, it is better to continue taking the medicine given by the doctor in accordance with the recommendations and if up to 3 days after that there is no improvement, it is necessary to re-evaluate and have additional examinations to determine the cause and be given appropriate treatment. Information about symptoms that arise also needs to be considered to help your doctor determine your condition.

Examinations carried out include interviews with symptoms that arise, physical examination and supporting examinations to ascertain the cause such as blood lab tests, urine tests or other checks that are needed. Strive to get enough rest, consume more fluids, eat good nutritious food, take additional multivitamins can be an option and check yourself again, especially if there is a high fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, severe headaches and others.

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