The Cause Of Headaches But Normal Blood Pressure

Good morning, my doctorate is 33 and I want to ask why lately, my head hurts a lot right, right? My blood pressure document 103/78

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There is a headache complaint right on your head that you feel for the past few days, and your blood pressure test results are 103/78 mmHg, so in general these complaints are not related to blood pressure, because your blood pressure is still within normal limits. Even though your previous blood pressure may have been around 110 or 120/80 mmHg, but with a pressure of 103/78 mmHg, it can still be said to be normal pressure and can supply nutritional and oxygen needs for your entire body.

Even though blood pressure is normal, but at this time you feel this complaint is very disturbing, it is necessary to evaluate the other possible causes. In general, the right headache complaint as you feel it, often triggered by the tension of your head muscles. This tension of the head muscles as if it will press on one point, like the area of ​​the crown you feel. This causes your muscles to contract excessively, resulting in tension which eventually causes complaints of pain.

Some of the conditions below can trigger complaints that your head muscles are tense, such as:

Stress or anxiety
Lack of sleep
Physical fatigue
Lack of drinking or lack of fluid needs are met properly
Excessive thought burdens, whether due to work, economy, or social relations
Too long in the sun

Because there are a variety of triggers that can cause quite a lot of tension in your head muscles, it is important to identify a number of things that you might have done or had affected you. If you have identified and found several points that can trigger this complaint, then you should avoid it and control it. For example, if you often stay up late, then go to bed early, and try to be able to sleep about 8 hours per day.

Apart from the tension of your head muscles, some medical conditions below can also trigger headache complaints as you feel, namely:

Stomach upset
Suffers from fever or symptoms of infection
High blood cholesterol levels
Uric acid
Heart disease
History of head trauma
Sharp visual impairment
Nerve pressure in the neck area
Smoking or alcohol
Drug side effects

Because all this still needs to be ascertained directly by your doctor, then to ascertain the cause of this complaint, you should make a consultation and visit to your doctor. Your doctor will conduct an interview and physical examination. If necessary, investigations can be planned to help determine the cause, such as blood tests, radiolysis or cardiac examination. Although your blood pressure is still within normal limits, if your doctor sees a need for a heart examination, this can be planned, depending on the results of the physical examination conducted. The results of all examinations that have been given will be a reference doctor in providing management and care for you. Thus, the complaints that you feel will get better.

For now, during the recovery period, you should increase your resting needs and avoid using excessive gadgets. Enough water and sleep soundly.

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