The Cause Of Headaches Does Not Go Away.?

Illustration of The Cause Of Headaches Does Not Go Away.?
Illustration: The Cause Of Headaches Does Not Go Away.?

the cause of headaches that do not heal

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Headaches are a complaint that often arises felt in every age group both women and men. Even though these headaches often occur, most causes of these headaches are not a serious problem. And headaches often can be treated alone without specific treatment.

Broadly speaking, headaches are divided into two based on the causes, namely primary headaches and secondary headaches. What is meant by a primary headache is a headache without any underlying cause. Whereas secondary headache is a pain caused by another disease or an underlying disease.

Included in primary headaches are:

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. Symptoms that are felt like feeling tied to the head feels constantly pressed. The causes such as depression, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, skipping meals, and consuming too much alcohol. Migraine feels one side or both sides of the head as if throbbing. Headache pain is a type of pain that is felt extraordinary pain and spreads around one eye. Symptoms of headaches cannot be relieved by over-the-counter medicines. Whereas secondary headache is an acute headache caused by other diseases. This other disease can be a mild and non-serious illness until the disease is dangerous, here are some common causes of headaches:

Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus Flu Ear infections Tooth problems Hormonal changes in women for example after taking birth control pills Impaired vision such as glaucoma But headaches can also be caused by more serious problems, but these cases are less common such as:

The following are the less common causes of secondary headaches:

Blockage of blood vessels in the brain or stroke Inflammation of the brain Brain aneurysm Carbon monoxide poisoning Meningitis But headaches are also not always caused by health problems, headaches can also be triggered by activities or activities carried out daily, for example:

Poor posture and neck posture, for example due to prolonged bowing, or incorrect sitting position Not enough sleep Conditions that can create stress or emotions Lack of body fluids due to lack of drinking or dehydration Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine Consumption of foods containing MSG contained in food packaging and flavoring. Consumption of drinks or foods that are too cold Many factors can cause headaches. Of course, to determine this, the crew did a further interview about your medical history and a direct physical examination on you. In addition, doctors may also recommend supporting examinations such as x-rays or CT scans if needed. Seeing the many causes of headaches, ranging from harmless to dangerous and fatal, then you should consult a doctor especially if the headaches that you feel are not usual or accompanied by other symptoms.

More about: When to see a neurologist if you have a headache

As a preliminary treatment, you can rest enough in a quiet place and do things that make you relax and avoid stress. Also make sure to drink enough water, get enough sleep and be organized, and avoid foods or drinks that can trigger headaches, and other factors that trigger headaches.

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