The Cause Of Headaches Is Throbbing And Feels Very Heavy?

Illustration of The Cause Of Headaches Is Throbbing And Feels Very Heavy?
Illustration: The Cause Of Headaches Is Throbbing And Feels Very Heavy?

Alodok … Every day I have a headache. Sometimes my head aches, throbs and feels very heavy. In addition, I also experience vision problems, difficulty remembering, shortness of breath, difficulty controlling the body, impaired hearing and often fantasize or imagine things that are not real / delusional. Please help doctor!

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Hello, good morning. Thank you for asking

Related complaints that are felt should be considered and addressed

- How long have you experienced this
- Are the symptoms felt to move from one part to another
- Is the mind about something or is experiencing a problem that disturbs the mind
- Do you currently feel like being weak, sad, and not excited
- Is there a history of pain experienced
- Are there any illnesses suffered in the family

Regarding matters submitted with complaints moving from various organs, this may be the cause

- Psychosomatic (physical illness associated with psychological)
- depression
- Hallucinations

Psychosomatic is a disease that involves the mind and body. The main cause is something that is thought to then cause bodily functions and affect the body until something sickness arises. Usually the symptoms caused are physical complaints experienced will be compounded by a feeling experienced by someone such as stress and anxiety. When there is no thought about something, usually the physical symptoms that are felt will also improve and even disappear.

Depression is a condition where there is sadness and a sense of wanting to be alone, easily tired, excessive sadness, to interfere with daily activities. Usually people with depression think of something that is considered very heavy to interfere with the work of the person is difficult to take lessons in school, disruption to daily activities such as communicating with people around.

Hallucinations are conditions in which something is not seen but is found in a person's mind and that person feels it exists. Some of the conditions that trigger hallucinations are psychological, such as anxiety, disruption to sleep, but physical disorders such as someone who has a head injury, electrolyte disorders, or nerve disorders such as migraine, stroke, seizures.

What can be done to reduce these symptoms should be

- Avoid thoughts that are too distracting and tell the problem you are having with people you trust
- Think more positively about something
- Don't think too much about things that are too difficult and bother you
- When the symptoms are getting worse and disturbing both physically and psychologically with behavioral cognitive therapy called psychotherapy, relaxation therapy, even with therapy by psychologists or mental specialists.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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