The Cause Of Headaches Without Cause?

Illustration of The Cause Of Headaches Without Cause?
Illustration: The Cause Of Headaches Without Cause?

Hello my name is Dina Saskiya, I am 15 years old, I often feel annoyed when my parents tell me with repeated sentences, I also often feel pain in the head and solar plexus without cause, I am also very easy to get angry and experience mood changes, and to overcome this I often hurt myself, for example when I was upset I would bang my head against the pot, or cut my own hand, but I felt it was fun, I also often experienced sadness that made me want to cry as hard as I could, but I didn’t can cry, I also often listen to music using a headset with a loud volume, or use a headset without turning on the music, I also often feel anxious and occasionally feel suicidal

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Hello Dina Saskiya, thank you for asking

Headaches are a common complaint, but the causes and triggers are also different. Based on its characteristics headaches can be divided into:

Tension type headache: headaches such as being bound, generally triggered by fatigue, psychological stress, the process of infection Migraine headache: headache, moderate-severe intensity Cluster type headche: headache of severe intensity, accompanied by watery eyes, runny nose. Head pain due to mass / tumor: vomiting spraying, double vision / blurred speech, increased headache when straining, etc. Adolescence does have its own challenges, where adolescents like Sister are looking for identity, plus the hormonal upheavals that adolescent women experience , makes a teenager more emotional. Some teenagers often have difficulty finding a way out / how to deal with problems, including by coping immature (how to respond to problems that are less mature) (sometimes referred to as "the rebellion"). It should be understood that immature coping such as self-harm does indeed cause endorphin hormone expenditure which reduces pain and only temporarily improves mood. But that can make you 'dependent' and can become a recurring habit. But of course you have the desire to get up and recover, so you are looking for help. We appreciate this very much and we support it.

Mature coping (how to deal with adult stressors) there are various kinds and everyone has their own coping. You can try relaxation methods, coping by sharing with family or friends that you trust, or keeping yourself busy. For more details, read this link.

You can try relaxation techniques to relieve anger with methods of muscle relaxation, breathing relaxation, and tebimbing faith (more fully read the link). It is recommended to get rid of the tools that you use to hurt yourself.

If the above efforts for one month are ineffective, you need to seek professional help. Share your problems with people you trust (in addition to reducing your stress burden, they will also be aware of the changes that you have experienced / prevent acts of self-harm / suicide), then visit a psychiatrist, especially if suicidal thoughts / intentions become more frequent .

For physical complaints such as headaches, you can take paracetamol as prescribed. As for heartburn, you can take antacids 1 hour before meals, and arrange a regular eating schedule, avoid stress and avoid spicy foods. Physical complaints can also be caused by psychological burdens, so it must be accompanied by changes in coping patterns. Remember you are not alone in dealing with problems, and every problem always has a solution. Professional help is always open to you, visit a psychiatrist for definitive therapy (if there are indications given anti-depressant medications, anti-anxiety).

All of our suggestions and answers, hopefully useful, good night.

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