The Cause Of Heartburn?

Illustration of The Cause Of Heartburn?
Illustration: The Cause Of Heartburn?

lately, my solar plexus hurts, my lower abdomen hurts, dizziness, fever up and down, and no appetite. What do you think I’m sick of?

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Hello Camelia,

Thank you for your question.

Pain in the pit of the stomach is generally the most complaints, because the average pain in the pit of the stomach is related to the digestive tract which is related to diet. There are several causes that can cause complaints of heartburn, such as: increased gastric acid, inflammation of the intestine, and inflammation of the pancreas

Gastric acid is a substance produced by the stomach that is useful to assist the digestive process, if the stomach is irritated by eating food that irritates the stomach, the production of stomach acid will increase which will cause pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. Inflammation in the intestine is usually caused due to an infection in the intestinal tract, which is characterized by abdominal pain in the pit of the stomach, stomach cramps, diarrhea or constipation. Whereas in the pancreas, which is where the pancreas functions to produce enzymes to help the digestive process, if inflammation occurs it will cause interference with the stomach and intestines.

At a young age, uluhati pain is most often caused by the stomach, because it is associated with unhealthy eating patterns, such as: frequent eating late, eating foods that irritate the stomach (noodles, coffee, spicy and sour), and the effects of stress.

Pain in the lower abdomen can be caused by several things, including: urinary tract infections, dysminorrhea or pelvic inflammatory infections. Urinary tract infections are caused due to bacteria entering the urinary tract. This can be triggered because of frequent urination, lack of drinking water as well as the erratic habits of scruples, should be from front to back. As for dysminore, it is usually caused by the process of menstruation that often occurs on the first and second day. Pelvic inflammation itself can be caused by a long history of vaginal discharge.

It is said that you have a fever, which is when a fever occurs when the body is experiencing an infection. Need to know, to establish a definitive diagnosis, it is necessary to do further interviews and physical examination so that the diagnosis is more precise. Therefore, I suggest you to check yourself to the doctor of internal medicine, so that further tests can be done.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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