The Cause Of Hemorrhoids That Recur Again?

Illustration of The Cause Of Hemorrhoids That Recur Again?
Illustration: The Cause Of Hemorrhoids That Recur Again?

Previously I have asked, but the answer does not provide an explanation of my questions., I have experienced hemorrhoid 3 days. Small size. So about 3 days ago I CHAPTER u0026amp; after that feel uncomfortable. It so happened that my bowel movement was not hard. In the afternoon I still feel uncomfortable u0026amp; When I check the rectum, I feel like a small lump is coming out. The next day I went to the pharmacy to buy Ambeven, but it had no effect. Then yesterday morning I defecated and after my hemorrhoid lumps disappeared and there was no pain anymore. But at night I felt pain that was quite disturbing so it was difficult to sleep. And this morning I CHAPTER again u0026amp; my hemorrhoid came in again. But a minute later when I brush my teeth, I again feel the disparity in the rectum. Apparently my hemorrhoid came out again. Please explain and help. What stage is my hemorrhoid? What medicines can I take so that my hemorrhoid deflates and goes into the rectum? Because I am very uncomfortable when moving just a little. Horrified and ached himself. Then this includes internal or external hemorrhoid? Thank you

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Hello AnneR,

To be able to make the diagnosis it is necessary to conduct a medical interview, physical examination and also a supporting examination. For that reason, if you have previously asked but the symptoms you are experiencing are still arising or getting worse, it is better to check directly with the doctor so that the causes and conditions you are experiencing and get treatment according to your condition.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are conditions that dilate blood vessels around the rectum or anus. Hemorrhoids themselves are called external hemorrhoids where the vessels in the outer area are dilated and internal hemorrhoids where the vessels in the rectal area are dilated. Hemorrhoid stadium itself consists of 4 stages where stage 1 is a symptom of hemorrhoids without a lump that arises, stage 2 if a lump arises and can reenter itself, stage 3 if the lump exits into the anus and needs to be pushed with a finger to re-enter, and the stage 4 where a lump appears and cannot be reinserted. If you see your statement it can be categorized in grades 2-3 but this needs to be confirmed by direct examination. Handling itself can later be given topical medication and also pain relievers to overcome the symptoms that arise. Provision of laxatives can also be an alternative if defecation is not smooth.

To prevent hemorrhoids from gaining weight, lifestyle changes need to be made where it is important to consume fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables so that no constipation, where constipation is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, drinking more water, avoiding holding back the urge to defecate, avoiding hard straining when defecating, try not to sit too much and routine physical activities such as exercise, and also avoid lifting heavy loads.

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