The Cause Of Increased Mucus Production In The Vagina, Is It Pregnant?

Illustration of The Cause Of Increased Mucus Production In The Vagina, Is It Pregnant?
Illustration: The Cause Of Increased Mucus Production In The Vagina, Is It Pregnant?

Dokk …. I want to ask if my wife has mucus but not having sexual intercourse is that a sign of pregnancy?

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Do you mean discharge from the birth canal?

Mucus from the birth canal, also known as leukorrhea, is produced by glandular cells that are scattered in the vaginal canal to the cervix (cervix). Under normal conditions, this mucus will only be produced in a reasonable amount, clear to whitish in color, not accompanied by a bad smell, itching, stinging, or other complaints. It could also be, this mucus is produced more, but is still quite reasonable, namely the result:

Hormonal changes, not only during pregnancy, but also before menstruation Using certain birth control Sexual stimulation, namely when having sex, petting, or receiving other sexual stimuli, for example when watching porn or just thinking about something sexual. Experiencing stress Tiredness So, the condition your wife is experiencing does not necessarily indicate that she is pregnant. In other cases, it can also be excessive discharge, accompanied by abnormal features, such as a greenish or yellowish color, thick, lumpy, smells bad, or causes the vagina to feel itchy, sore, red, and swollen due to a disease. , for example, infection, irritation, to malignancy in the reproductive organs.

We recommend that you check your wife directly to the doctor. With in-depth interviews and physical examination, doctors generally can detect whether there is a link between this increased mucus production and pregnancy. If necessary, further examinations, such as urine tests, blood tests, ultrasound, cervical mucus tests, and pap smears will be recommended by doctors. If the trigger is pregnancy, then this condition is not dangerous and your wife may be referred to an obstetrician for further monitoring.

At this point, tell your wife to do the following tips so that the mucus in her genitals is not overproduced:

Do not use vaginal scented soaps or other products that have the potential to trigger inflammation around the genitals. Rinse the genitals well after urinating and after sex. ONLY practice safe and responsible sexual activity Avoid excessive fatigue and stress. Do not masturbate excessively. Live a healthy lifestyle. healthy Hope it helps ya ..

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