The Cause Of Infants 1.5 Months Of Age Rarely Pee Despite Drinking Plenty Of Milk?

Illustration of The Cause Of Infants 1.5 Months Of Age Rarely Pee Despite Drinking Plenty Of Milk?
Illustration: The Cause Of Infants 1.5 Months Of Age Rarely Pee Despite Drinking Plenty Of Milk?

, my child is 1.5 months old and lately my child sleeps a lot and his pee is reduced, which is usually 12-15 times a day now, it’s only 5-6 times … Is that still a reasonable count or not? What is the cause? Thank you

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The habits of the baby's proxy every day can vary depending on the conditions of ingestion of incoming fluids or the general health condition of the baby. Basically, the frequency of urinating infants can occur every 10-30 minutes or the average frequency of urinating infants can range 30-40 times per day. However, this can vary for each baby, the standard number as a calculation is 1 cc / kg body weight / hour. So if the baby's micturition frequency is reduced, but urine production is still appropriate, then the change in the habit of micturition frequency is likely due to the collection of large amounts of urine in the bladder of the baby. This can be seen in the lower abdomen of the baby which stands out because of the full bladder.
Some of the conditions below can cause the frequency of the baby's tub to decrease, such as:
1. The intake of fluid that is drunk is less than optimal, such as the position of drinking ASI which is not appropriate for inflammation of the baby's oral cavity
2. baby fever
3. dehydration, as in the case of baby diarrhea, or hot temperatures, so that the baby sweats more out of the ordinary
4. urinary tract obstruction, as in a baby boy, the foreskin has a blockage, so that the urine is difficult to get out
5. disorders of the kidney, such as acute tubular necrosis
To find out the condition of the baby's uranary system, it is necessary to consult as early as possible to find out whether there is a medical disorder that causes the production of the baby's BAK decreases or causes the frequency of the baby's BAK to decrease. Thus, if there is a doctor diagnosing certain medical conditions, then treatment and treatment can be done immediately to prevent risks and unexpected disorders.
In connection with your question, if your baby has an average of 12-15 times per day, and is currently reduced to 5-6 times per day, then this condition is likely to indicate a disruption in the urinary system, both caused by the health condition of the body as a whole. common such as dehydration or due to urinary obstruction such as inflammation or infection of the urethra. And if your baby's urine production is less than 1cc / kg bb / hour, then this needs to be a concern of parents to get a doctor's examination and proper handling.
Without a direct examination, the condition of the complaint experienced by your baby can not be ascertained the cause, so it needs to be done directly to the pediatrician or to the urologist. The doctor will, conduct interviews and conduct direct examinations on your baby; if necessary, supporting checks can be done to determine the condition of your baby's urinary system. Thus, some of the possible causes above can be ascertained and defined as causes as described above, so that treatment can be given to prevent unexpected complications.
At this time, you should not give baby diapers, so you can directly evaluate the amount of your baby's BAK volume, and find out its BAK frequency.
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