The Cause Of Irregular Menstrual Scilus?

Illustration of The Cause Of Irregular Menstrual Scilus?
Illustration: The Cause Of Irregular Menstrual Scilus?

, sorry I want to ask .. initially I used the injection contraceptive pill for more than 1 year but my period became prolonged while using the 3-month injection syringe, I feel tired because menstruation continues so I change using birth control pills since November2019, but I sometimes forget late drinking birth control pills, now because I feel complicated using birth control pills so in January 2020 I decided not to use birth control pills again until now, well since I stopped using birth control pills at the end of January to February 2, I was still menstruating, then on February 13-16 brownish spots come out no red menstrual blood, then March 2 until now I come out brownish spots sometimes red spots but only a little, today comes out a lot but dark brown tp .. that’s why huh? Is it because of the KB chain effect? Please help .

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There are several conditions that can occur relating to your complaint, namely:
1. Pregnancy. The blood that comes out could be a normal thing to happen in the early weeks of pregnancy, which is due to the process of implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine endometrial wall. However, it can also be a sign of the threat of miscarriage or other pregnancy problems.
2. Menstrual disorders, namely oligomenorrhea. It is said oligomenore if a woman does not menstruate for more than 35 days to 90 days. This condition can be caused by hormonal disorders, side effects of hormonal birth control, malnutrition, obesity, stress, pelvic inflammation, PCOS, and others.
3. Birth can bleeding due to diseases, such as vaginal or cervical laceration, cervical cancer and others.
It's best if you do a pregnancy test using your first urine after waking up in the morning. Take the results to an obstetrician for further examination. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and direct physical examination. The doctor will look at the condition of the vagina to the cervix by supporting the vagina through cocor duck. Next the doctor will conduct an ultrasound-supporting examination. Later the treatment that you will undergo is based on the cause of the underlying disease.
While y, consume foods high in calories and high in protein. Avoid high-fat foods, especially those that contain bad fats. You really need exercise, which is mild to moderate intensity exercise and 150 minutes in a week. Take time so that you can have enough sleep and manage stress wisely.
Thus hopefully useful.

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