The Cause Of Irregular Menstruation Has Been Two Months?

Illustration of The Cause Of Irregular Menstruation Has Been Two Months?
Illustration: The Cause Of Irregular Menstruation Has Been Two Months?

please answer, in august right I’m related to my husband, after intercourse I bled and the blood was few and not until a day, after that I missed my usual week of menstruation on 23rd, then menstrual blood came out three days but her blood was a little a little unusual, and in September I did not menstruate until now, on the 30th I went to the midwife but I was given postinor 2 medication, but until now there was no effect, and on the 3rd night I kept in contact with bleeding but a little, because I menstruated but the blood no longer exists. please answer, why yes?

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Having complaints of bleeding after sex and having no menstrual complaints in September 2019 then the first step you need to take is to identify whether there are signs of pregnancy that you might feel, such as:

1. late menstruation

2. spots for several days

3. Positive pregnancy test

4. breast enlarged

5. complaints of nausea or vomiting

6. doctor's examination results indicate a definite sign of pregnancy

If the doctor has confirmed the possibility of pregnancy, then the complaint you are experiencing may be related to your pregnancy. So you have to leave all medications aside from your obstetrician.

If pregnancy is not found after a doctor's examination, then the complaint that you feel might be caused by several things, such as:

1. the surface of the femininity

2. infection

3. Specific processes on the cervix, such as inflammation or malignancy

4. ovarian cyst

5. miom

6. chocolate cyst

7. disorders of female hormonal balance

With a direct examination performed by your obstetrician, the possibility of pregnancy and the possibility of other medical conditions can be ascertained. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and support examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound examinations, pap smears. The results of the examination will be a reference in determining the diagnosis and providing further care.

For now, to help prevent recurring bleeding complaints after having sex, you should maintain a good state of stamina, avoid physical fatigue and use condoms during intercourse. Discuss with your husband about bleeding after having sex, so your husband understands your current condition and adjusts during intercourse.

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