The Cause Of Irritability And Want To Hurt Others?

, I’m 17 years old. My anger often explodes over trivial matters. Several times I also cried because of problems that often occur (never before crying) after a while I was angry. Very angry. In my brain I always imagine to hurt the person who brought the problem to me. Is that a symptom of my psychological disturbance or just getting carried away?

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Regarding what is felt, it should be explored and recognized more deeply if there is excessive sadness; the body feels tired easily; is it already interfering with daily life; is there anything that tells you to do something bad. Some things that might be experienced are

- Sill's personality
- Adjustment disorders
- depression

The threshold personality is a condition in which a person can experience a condition that changes rapidly, that is, one moment can experience excitement but after a while can experience deep sadness. This is related to the personality tendencies that a person has.

Adjustment disorder is a condition where a person is experiencing certain problems that disturb the mood and psychological conditions. Usually there are stressors such as failure in school, parents' quarrel, breaking up a girlfriend, or some other stressor. Disorders that arise are feeling anxious, mood is unstable, sometimes feeling uncomfortable about the conditions experienced. This appears usually within 3 weeks of the stressor occurring and only lasts a maximum of 6 months since the stressor is present.

Conditions where a person feels fatigued, excessively sad and has a feeling of being very aloof to interfering with daily activities such as abandoned work, being unable to properly attend school lessons, lack of concentration, or loss of appetite then this leads to a tendency depression.And the condition must last for at least 2 weeks

Some of these things need further examination and consultation with a psychiatrist or at least a psychologist.

What can be done in order to develop themselves and maintain mental health is

- Writing things that are felt into a writing
- Interaction with people closest is strengthened
- Keep learning to appear in public because it will train yourself
- Enjoy the time taking the time for yourself
- Develop your favorite talents and interests

Further information can be seen in the following article: depression

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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