The Cause Of Late Menstruation And Negative Testpack Results?

Illustration of The Cause Of Late Menstruation And Negative Testpack Results?
Illustration: The Cause Of Late Menstruation And Negative Testpack Results?

good morning. I want to ask, my last menstruation on March 21, 2019. until June 21, 2019 I haven’t menstruated either, I’ve tested and the results are still negative then … before I had been cured in 2017. And my menstrual cycle wasn’t smooth, once every 2 months I had menstruated. But it’s already been 3 months. pregnant with my first child, I’m also like this September last menstruation and new desembee was positive then February 2017 was cured … please explain and input thank you

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Hello Desi,

Have you done a blood test to find out the HCG hormone level? The HCG hormone can be detected during pregnancy. Your main complaint now is menstruation late. Late menstruation can be caused by several of the following conditions:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Excess stress
Physical fatigue
Drastic change in body weight
Side effects of contraception
Medical conditions: polycystic ovary syndrome, cysts, hormonal disorders, thyroid disorders, chronic diseases

If your menstruation usually has a cycle of more than 35 days and is now late for menstruation for up to 3 months with negative testpack results, you need to make sure the cause of your late menstruation is first done by doing a direct examination yes. Therefore, I suggest that you see a gynecologist first so that further tests such as ultrasound or blood tests can be done to ascertain the cause of your menstrual delay. Furthermore, the doctor can provide more appropriate treatment for you.

In the meantime to help launch menstruation you can do the following tips:

Keep your body weight ideal
Keep the body from fatigue
Get enough rest
Manage stress well
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Get used to a healthy lifestyle
Exercise regularly but avoid sports that are too heavy

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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