The Cause Of Late Menstruation?

Illustration of The Cause Of Late Menstruation?
Illustration: The Cause Of Late Menstruation?

Hello … I was on the 5th of last night I have arrived … but how come I have not yet come to the month … when I want to feel about the month I already feel it … I have had a negative pregnancy test …

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Menstruation is the release of blood from the female genitals due to the decay of the thickened uterine wall. The duration of a normal menstrual cycle has an average of 28 days with a normal range of menstruation at 21-35 days. The duration of menstruation itself has a range of 2-7 days. At the time of menstruation can be accompanied by complaints of pain / cramps in the stomach accompanied by the release of reddish fresh blood or blood clots.

Some disorders that can be found in the menstrual cycle include:

Menstrual cycles are too short (less than 21 days), so menstruation often occurs.
Menstrual cycles are too rare (more than 35 days), so menstruation rarely occurs.
Menstrual cycles are disrupted so that menstruation does not occur.
Bleeding that occurs between two menstrual cycles.
Bleeding in excessive menstrual cycles.
Pain in excessive menstrual cycles.

It is advisable to consult a doctor or obstetrician for further examination and management of your condition. Can be considered for physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests or imaging such as ultrasound examination. To ensure pregnancy, you can use a test pack as a screening method that is appropriate and fast to do, if you are still experiencing symptoms early signs of pregnancy are advised to repeat the test, and can consider consulting a doctor regarding further examination.

It is recommended to avoid taking self-medication without doctor's instructions, ensuring that you get adequate rest periods, maintaining a healthy and regular diet and activity, observing the menstrual cycle on an ongoing basis, so as to determine menstrual cycle abnormalities that occur.

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