The Cause Of Leprosy Is Painful?

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Hi doctor, according to the doctor, my mother has had leprosy since 1 year ago, and it grows on her feet and hands, but it hurts and hurts so much in my mother’s legs, according to what I read that leprosy is numb and numb, but my mother is sick very painful and painful in her legs, from the puskesmas she was given 2 drugs, white and brown, the question is whether this is indeed leprosy, if so, why does my mother’s leg, which looks like a reddish burn, hurt so much, thank you

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Hi Achez,

Thank you for asking

Leprosy is a disease that occurs due to infection with Mycobacterium leprae on the skin, peripheral nervous system, and mucous membranes. This condition is generally characterized by the appearance of skin lesions that change color (generally whitish resembling tinea versicolor) or form lumps. Because it attacks the peripheral nervous system, this condition will generally cause complaints in the form of numbness. In addition, various other complaints related to nerve damage can also accompany. These complaints generally appear in the form of numbness or muscle weakness.

The severe pain in your mother's leg may be an early symptom of nerve damage due to leprosy. In the end, this pain can lead to a common symptom of leprosy, namely numbness. However, it is also possible that the pain and skin rash on the feet that your mother feels is due to other causes, for example:

Secondary infections, for example due to herpes zoster, folliculitis Irritant contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with irritating substances) Deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals Arthritis (arthritis), for example due to rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis Diabetes Side effects of drugs, etc. Diagnosis of leprosy is established based on the patient's clinical appearance. In addition, an examination can also be carried out based on tissue samples taken from skin scrapings for microscopic examination. So, whether it is true that what your mother is experiencing is leprosy, or whether there are other diseases that accompany or aggravate her complaints, only the doctor who examines her is the one who knows best.

Therefore, you should check your mother directly to a dermatologist and genital specialist, yes..

At this time, tell your mother not to touch the rash too much or press too much on the painful area. In order to reduce the pain, your mother can take paracetamol first. Always keep yourself and your feet clean, by regularly bathing with antiseptic soap, washing your feet regularly, using clean and comfortable footwear. Help him to check his feet and other body parts frequently, it is feared that there are wounds that appear without him knowing that have a high potential for infection or even risk causing disability.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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