The Cause Of Leukocytes Is Low In Children Aged 2 Years?

my 28-month-old child is sick with a cold, cough and shortness of breath. when examined for low leukocyte blood. actually my child is sick. often he was sick and when he was checking for blood his leukocytes were problematic. that’s why yes and what my child’s illness actually is. thanks

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Good afternoon siska, before thank you for asking. We understand the concerns that you feel.

Leukocytes are a component in the blood which is commonly known as white blood cells. The situation where the number of leukocytes is below its normal value is called leukopenia. Some things that can cause leukopenia include:
1. Infections, such as sepsis or viral infections
2. Aplastic anemia, where there is a problem in the production of all blood cell components by the spinal cord
3. Malignancies, such as bone marrow cancer,
4. Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, and so on
5. Genetic diseases
6. Due to radiation and certain drugs, such as steroids.

To know for certain the underlying cause is not enough to look at the results of leukocyte examination alone, but a complete physical examination and other additional examinations such as growth and development, radiology, tissue biopsy, and so on are needed. If complaints often occur and are felt to be burdensome, such as until your child does not want to eat and drink, or interfere with your child's growth and development, it is very important to immediately see a doctor or the nearest pediatrician.

For now, what you can do to avoid recurring complaints is to provide your child with nutritious and balanced food, enough to drink and enough rest.

A few answers from me, hopefully it helps. Thank you

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