The Cause Of Menstrual Blood Is Only Slightly After Late Menstruation

Illustration of The Cause Of Menstrual Blood Is Only Slightly After Late Menstruation
Illustration: The Cause Of Menstrual Blood Is Only Slightly After Late Menstruation

this month I am late for 5 days, even though usually my cycle is fast. even last February I menstruated 2x at the beginning and end of the month. this month I should have menstruated on the 25th (according to the 26hr menstrual calendar). and usually h-1 menstrual symptoms already feel like stomach cramps. in this period the symptoms are few and sometimes not as clear as usual. does it include menstrual symptoms too? and what causes late menstruation?

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Having a late menstrual complaint that should have appeared 5 days ago based on a 26 day menstrual cycle, but one day before you felt a little stomach cramps but not as usual, this condition is not a sign of menstruation. Menstrual signs are ensured by menstrual bleeding from women. So if until today you haven't had your period counted 5 days from the date it should be, then this condition might indeed be caused by complaints of late menstruation.

In a woman, at a certain time in her life, it is likely to encounter late menstrual complaints, and this is a natural condition. In addition to late menstruation, several other complaints can also be found, such as heavy menstruation, twice a month menstruation or maybe menstruation in small amounts. All of this is a natural complaint encountered by a woman, especially if this complaint does not occur repeatedly or successively in one period and is not accompanied by complaints of other comrades. In general, menstrual complaints are still within reasonable limits.

Likewise with the complaints of late menstruation that you feel, often this condition is related to the influence of the balance of your female hormonal system that is not balanced. Hormonal femininity has a role in regulating the menstrual cycle, ovulation and the cycle in your uterine wall, so that in the event of hormonal balance disorders such as the influence of a Kb device, this condition is still within reasonable limits.

Some other conditions can also trigger late menstrual complaints, such as:

 Stress or excessive anxiety Physical fatigue Suffering from pain Thyroid disorders PCOS or the discovery of many small cysts in the ovary Pregnancy Lactation Period Menopause Use of KB Obesity Sleep deprivation or ongoing sleep disorders Infection Because several other conditions can also affect, it is necessary to identify several things above which might affect you. One or more of the triggers above if you encounter, it is necessary for you to control and avoid, except relating to certain medical conditions, this requires an evaluation and diagnosis directly from your doctor. So, if you don't find a triggering factor that you can control as a trigger, then you may need to consult directly with your obstetrician, especially if this complaint recurs in one or two subsequent menstrual cycles.

Because currently in the Covid-19 alert period, you should consult your doctor directly online or by telephone, unless your doctor advises you to come consult directly. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation of complaints that you feel, if needed, an ultrasound examination can also be planned to help ascertain possible causes. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment.

For now, several businesses you can do, such as:

 Avoid physical fatigue Avoid conflicts Avoid sleeping late at night, especially before menstruation Perform regular exercise as soon as possible Idealize body weight Thus the info we can convey.

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