The Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month, Shortness Of Breath That Disappears Arise?

Illustration of The Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month, Shortness Of Breath That Disappears Arise?
Illustration: The Cause Of Menstruation 2 Times A Month, Shortness Of Breath That Disappears Arise?

Morning, I am 17 years old, now in college … I used to be since I was a child, I loved playing, even I was an active child, because I was also very rarely sick. But since I was in 3rd grade of high school, I felt my body getting weaker, just like when I went up the stairs, which usually I can run on the stairs now when going up the stairs 3 to 5 stairs I always ngos ngosan. Even have to stop for a while and take a deep breath. My menstrual period also became 2 times a month. (Menstrual week a week no, so continue). Then now more often feel shortness of breath. At first I thought this was a normal thing, but more and more often it happened, it’s just that shortness of breath came and went, so when I wanted to check, the tightness suddenly disappeared, right vingungT_T. Is this me who melebagai do anything how, heheh .. I remember the word daddy, I was still a baby who had been hospitalized because of asthma, he said that I was like people were dying to run out of breath, .. and I more often felt exhausted . A little bit tired, lemes, dizzy, also sometimes pain in the chest suddenly, also when you sleep sideways, when you wake up his chest must be sore. then I have blood pressure checked, he said my blood pressure is low. But I do not understand about blood pressure, please explain … thanks …

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Hello Sazara, thank you for asking at

Based on your complaint, there are several factors that can cause complaints similar to some of the possibilities, including:

Anemia, remembering your irregular menstrual patterns and reaching 2 times in 1 month. where the menstrual cycle is generally 1 month 1x or every 28-30 days Hypotension or low blood pressure Sleep apnea Hypothyroidism Chronic fatigue syndrome Diabetes mellitus Asthma, given the previous asthma history, so it does not rule out shortness of breath that you feel is related to asthma For a while that can be you do include:

Get enough sleep and rest, 7-9 hours per day Healthy and regular eating patterns Manage stress Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables Limit heavy exhausting activities Drink plenty of water Regularly light exercise Regularly consume multivitamin supplements Avoid coffee, tea, and foods high in sugar content If complaints that you feel is not improving, you should check yourself into a specialist in internal medicine to get further tests and treatment that is right for you.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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