The Cause Of Menstruation Is Black

Illustration of The Cause Of Menstruation Is Black
Illustration: The Cause Of Menstruation Is Black

Hello, I want to ask ,, I usually want to come menstruating stomach ache and breast swelling and blood comes out normal as usual, but this is my stomach does not hurt and my breasts are normal (no symptoms) but my blood comes out black like spots .. About it’s dangerous, right? Because lately I like it. Even sometimes, for example, it’s not normal sept, normal oct, the nov is like that, normal des January is like that, feb is normal, then March is like that again.

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I understand your concern, every month, women who are in the fertile period will experience menstrual cycles. Menstruation is a normal condition that indicates that the woman is in the fertile period and is able to reproduce. During menstruation, a woman releases dirty blood that decays from the walls of her uterus. The color of blood issued can vary depending on the time and condition of the woman. Menstrual blood is actually red, but if it turns out that menstrual blood comes out black, you do not immediately panic. Menstrual blood can sometimes be dark brown or blackish. In most cases, normal menstrual blood is normal. During a menstrual cycle, the color and consistency of a woman's blood can vary. Menstrual blood that comes out can be liquid and little, but can also be thick and come out with heavy or heavy.

You do not need to worry if menstrual blood comes out blackish brown, the reason for menstrual blood is black is because menstrual blood has lived long enough in the uterus, so that when it comes out blackish brown. Even though black menstrual blood is usually a normal thing, but There are certain health problems that cause menstrual blood to turn black. including such as: miscarriage, uterus that does not return to its original size after stretching saathamil, obstruction of blood flow from the uterus to the vagina, or menopause is an example. In addition, hormonal disorders that are not permanent can cause menstrual blood discoloration. The causes of various hormonal disorders can be due to unhealthy eating patterns or stress.

so menstrual blood that is black is still considered a normal condition. You do not need to worry about this menstrual blood color change. If menstrual blood discoloration is accompanied by other symptoms such as vaginal pain or itching, you should immediately consult a doctor. through a self-examination to the obstetrician, you can make sure there are problems with the reproductive organs.

there are some things to keep your period normal

 keep your diet and avoid unhealthy foods or trigger hormonal changes multiply to consume foods that contain iron and calcium which are useful to calm the uterine lining, so that you can avoid menstrual problems. regular exercise, avoid adequate stress, rest at least 7-9 hours, avoid staying up late, drink lots of water, at least 2 liters.

hopefully can help you

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