The Cause Of Nails 1.5-year-old Child Died Partially?

Illustration of The Cause Of Nails 1.5-year-old Child Died Partially?
Illustration: The Cause Of Nails 1.5-year-old Child Died Partially?

Good morning. I want to ask. my child aged 1.5 years was affected by a severe allergy so that the tamgan finger nails and feet were dead. but only half of his nails on it are dead. while the bottom nail is still healthy. What should I do so that my nails can remove all the dead nails and those that haven’t died yet? because the new nails have begun to grow. And later if they don’t come off, will the nails overlap ??

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Nails are a part of the fingers or toes that protect the underlying tissue or have aesthetic benefits. Under the nails, there are nail pads and blood vessels so the nails can stick and look pink.
While allergy is a body's immune response to the entry of allergens which can cause inflammation, and allergic complaints that accompany. Barriers occur due to inflammatory cells that continue to form due to allergens or histamine, so that these inflammatory cells cause complaints of itching, swelling, redness, to pain.
An allergic reaction can occur as a mild to severe reaction. In mild cases, allergic reactions can include complaints of redness, itching, and may be accompanied by diarrhea. Meanwhile, if a severe allergic complaint can be an allergic reaction that causes airway obstruction, swelling in the body to blister skin tissue, and possibly other tissue damage.
In connection with your question, there is a history of allergies experienced by your child, causing part of the nail layer to die, it needs to be confirmed directly with your family doctor or your pediatrician, because of severe allergic reactions that need to be addressed directly by a family doctor or pediatrician to prevent unexpected complications.
If the nails on the hands and feet are damaged or dead nails, it is necessary to ascertain how the dead nails you mean. If the dead nail you mean is blackened, then this condition can be caused by damage to blood vessels in the nail bed or indeed damage to the nail itself.
If the tissue under the nails blackens, then this is likely caused by a rupture of blood vessels or damage to the capillaries of the nails due to allergic reactions, and this condition will improve even though this may not return as before.
Meanwhile, if there is damage to the nails themselves, it is likely this is a co-reaction or damage to the nails that occur several hours or days after an allergic reaction begins. When nail damage occurs, then as nail growth, damaged nails will be driven by growing nails. But under certain conditions, a new layer of nails can accumulate on the damaged nails. So that I can not confirm this without doing a direct inspection.
So, because of all this I can not know with certainty how to damage your child's nails, then you should be able to immediately do the examination and consultation to the pediatrician or dermatologist. The doctor will evaluate the condition of your child's nails, and provide an evaluation of the possibility of healthy nail growth and possible steps to be taken.
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