The Cause Of Newborn Babies Often Cry?

Illustration of The Cause Of Newborn Babies Often Cry?
Illustration: The Cause Of Newborn Babies Often Cry?

my son was only 2 days but how fussy

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Hello Hermanto Aritonang,

Newborns / neonates are designations for babies aged 0-28 days. Crying is a way of communicating babies, neonates will cry when hungry, diapers are wet, the environment is too hot or cold, sleepy, lonely, or feel pain (pain). On average, a neonate can cry for 3 hours / day.

Babies who are fussy and cry because they are hungry or thirsty can easily be calmed after the baby is given breast milk. Similarly, if a baby is fussy because of a wet diaper, then when you change the diaper with a new baby will not calm down for long. Babies who are constantly fussy and hard to calm can be a sign of feeling pain or a part of their body being sick. Fuss without obvious causes in infants and is difficult to calm is also called colic. Babies can cry at night for no apparent reason.

Well, what you need to know is which baby is fussy, which is normal and which you need to be aware of is caused by other diseases. Normal fussing generally occurs in the same period every day, for example at certain hours during the day when the baby is hungry, at baby hours BAB, at night before going to sleep, and so on. Normal fuss will stop if given a response that suits the needs of the baby.

While abnormal fuss is difficult to calm and can be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, enlarged abdomen, reduced frequency of bowel movements, rashes on the baby's skin. Babies too fussy can arise because:

 The existence of abnormalities in the skin such as prickly heat, diaper rash Overfeeding so that the baby's bloated stomach Lack of milk production so that the baby continues to hungry Clothing material or skin products that irritate the baby's skin Infection of the umbilical cord Infection of the central nervous system Constipation Some things to consider in neonatal care are:

 Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours Thermoregulation, keeping the baby's body temperature remains warm but not too hot. Achieved by using baby clothes, blankets, using air conditioning if necessary, etc. Care for open umbilical cord Changing diapers periodically Making babies burp after eating Creating a calm and dim sleep environment Holding a baby and giving a baby a gentle massage can help soothe a fussy baby . However, when everything you have made sure there are no problems but the baby remains fussy, it never hurts to bring the baby to the doctor to find out the problems that exist in the baby. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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