The Cause Of Newborn Urine Is Dark Yellow?

Illustration of The Cause Of Newborn Urine Is Dark Yellow?
Illustration: The Cause Of Newborn Urine Is Dark Yellow?

Good night … I want to ask … Is it normal for a 23-day-old baby to have a strong yellow urine even though he drinks a lot. But drink milk because the mother’s milk does not come out … Thank you …

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Urine or urination is one of the things that can be considered to see the adequacy of fluids in the body, the color of urine is usually yellow which can be graded from dark to clear. This usually indicates that the darker the specific gravity in the urine is higher, this usually indicates that the fluid is less. However, not only from this point of view, it is also important to note that the frequency in 1 day should be 4 times a day, this is a minimum limit, because if not BAK within 6 hours it is a sign of dehydration.

Besides looking at the condition of urine, the adequacy of fluids should be seen from other things, namely seeing signs of dehydration which when dehydrated will appear several things below

- Babies look fussy or weak and difficult to wake up
- Lips look very dry
- Crying but tears appear little or no
- Saliva is reduced
- The crown looks sunken

If you meet the above conditions, you should immediately check your child with a pediatrician. This aims to make the doctor more certain about the needs and fluids that come out, so that if there is a lack of fluids can be given fluids as needed, not excess fluid.

Some things that should be done at home are

- Sususi more often by expressing breast milk
- Stimulate the child to stay awake and breastfeed every 2 to 3 hours
- Pay attention to the signs of gravity in the baby

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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