The Cause Of Not Changing The Male Voice?

Illustration of The Cause Of Not Changing The Male Voice?
Illustration: The Cause Of Not Changing The Male Voice?

I am 21 years old, but why is my voice not like other men huh? Until I feel insecure about speaking, as if my voice is like a woman, I have tried smoking, because my friend said, by smoking my voice can be heavy, but it doesn’t change at all, maybe because I’m not a smoker so I don’t continue smoking, other than not my style, and it is a waste of money, besides that my Adam’s apple does not grow, but I have passed puberty, even the hair on my body has grown, my wrinkled chest has hair, leg hair too, but indeed armpit hair is also rarely rare, Mustache and beard are also growing, but I’m really embarrassed when I speak, because my voice is like a girl, plus my Adam’s apple doesn’t grow, why is this? I hope this is normal, because honestly I am comfortable, but I am a little insecure about that.

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The development of male primary and secondary sex is related to the hormone testosterone. This hormone is very important because it has a significant effect on male growth and development. This hormone will increase when boys become adolescents, namely when puberty arrives. Apart from functioning for the male reproductive system, testosterone affects bone growth, muscle strength and certain habits in men.

The hormone testosterone is produced by the testes. Testosterone functions to form the genitals while the fetus is still in the womb. The levels will increase during adolescence, therefore sperm can be produced every day. As a teenager, the formation of voice, sideburns and hair in several areas of the body (mustache, beard, armpit hair, chest, pubic and leg hair) will appear due to the influence of these hormones. In addition, testosterone also affects the desire / drive of a man and forms a male's character that tends to be competitive.

If the testosterone hormone decreases, sufferers can experience various problems and disorders. Erectile dysfunction, secondary sex signs are not / have not fully appeared and increased confidence in the environment.

To help increase the testosterone hormone, you can do the following things, including:

Change your lifestyle to be healthy Eat nutritious food Regular exercise Avoid fatigue and adequate sleep Avoid stress Avoid using cigarettes and alcohol Avoid obesity If you experience complaints as previously mentioned, do not hesitate to check with the nearest doctor for more complete information and management appropriate. I have submitted so much information, hope it helps

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