The Cause Of Pain In The Leg Is Like Pinching Or Pressure?

Illustration of The Cause Of Pain In The Leg Is Like Pinching Or Pressure?
Illustration: The Cause Of Pain In The Leg Is Like Pinching Or Pressure?

Good evening, doc I have a question. I like to feel a muscle or nerve in my leg is squeezed or pressed and it hurts so much as if I can’t move, and it sometimes “happens between my legs, sometimes when I stand up suddenly” I feel a lot of pain like cramps and when I lie down and walk, that’s why and why?

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Hi LLiynda,

Thank you for asking

One of the causes of pain in the leg is pinching or pressure. Some examples of causes are:

Lack of neurotrophic vitamins or minerals, eg vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium, magnesium
Injury to the leg that causes the nerve to become pinched

Multiple sclerosis, and so on

In addition to nerves, there are many more components in the legs that can be painful if you experience problems, for example:

Joint disorders, such as due to rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis

Blood vessel disorders, such as due to peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis
Disorders of muscles, joints, bones, such as due to joint dislocation, fractures, bursitis, tendonitis
Psychological disorders, and so on

Distinguishing each of the above conditions needs to be done with a thorough physical examination specifically in the area of ​​the leg that is painful. Several supporting examinations, such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, laboratory tests, and so on, may also need to be done so that the diagnosis can be made correctly. Therefore, if the pain is very intense, we urge you to see a doctor or a neurologist directly.

The following initial steps you can do as initial handling:

Compress the sore leg using a warm compress
Do not massage or massage the sore leg too much
Choose comfortable footwear, soft cushion, not high heels for activities
Never overdo activities that cause excessive stress or strain in your legs, such as running, going up and down stairs
Get plenty of exercise, for example swimming, cycling, yoga
Eat healthy and nutritious food
Take paracetamol or apply an over-the-counter pain reliever cream to reduce pain

Hope it helps ..

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