The Cause Of Pain In The Testicles And Feels Smaller?

Illustration of The Cause Of Pain In The Testicles And Feels Smaller?
Illustration: The Cause Of Pain In The Testicles And Feels Smaller?

At noon, I had experienced pain in the right testicular region, but a few days recovered and lately when I use my testicles in the pants as if shrinking to the right and when released back as normal, but not accompanied by pain, mohom is helped to go to my concern, thank you

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The size of the large testicles next to make men worry. The size of the testes that is slightly different between the right and left is actually normal as long as it is not accompanied by pain. But if the size difference is large enough, you should be vigilant.

Although normal, the one large testicle should not be accompanied by pain. Under normal conditions, you will not feel pain when testing, sitting, and standing. In addition, the difference in the size of the two should not be too large, as well as the shape that is not much different. Testicular size differences are generally no more than half a teaspoon. But, if your testicles and scrotum (skin covering the testicles) you are drastically different from each other, the sign is there are some underlying health conditions, there are several diseases related to it:

  testicular torsion: a condition in which the testicles are twisted into sperm bundles of testicular hydrocele: painless fluid buildup, in one or even both male testicles, which causes the scrotum or groin area to swell. varicocele: a condition of dilation of veins in the testicles, similar to varicose veins in the legs. As long as variations in testicular size difference are not too significant, and complaints of large testicles are not accompanied by complaints and other symptoms such as pain in the testicles, ejaculation problems, or difficulty getting offspring, then your condition may not be dangerous. However, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately if the large testicles next door are accompanied by other symptoms mentioned above, or the difference in the size of the testicles makes you worry.

Men need to be more vigilant and care about their genital organs. Thus, each man must examine his own testicles regularly, at least once a month, to find out the condition and stimulation of the testicles, so that if there is something odd like pain or swelling, it can be detected early. The following recommendations for testicular examination that men can do at home:

 First, take off all your clothes and face your whole body in front of the mirror. Touch and touch the testicles, looking for swelling or thickening of the skin in all parts of the testis. Remember! Testicles are generally not always exactly the same size. So if it's not symmetrical or exact, it's normal. Touch with both of your hands, examine each testicle carefully. Place your fingers behind the scrotum and your thumb on the top of the scrotum. Then, gently press the testicles between the thumb and fingers. If you feel the veins connected to the top and back of the testes, it's called the epididymis. Epididymis, the width is about 2.5 cm and sensitive to stimulation. Take it easy, it is part of your penis organ. Examine each side and part gently, whether there is pain, hardness, thickened skin, or bumps on the testicles. If there is one of them, it is better to immediately consult a sex doctor to get a diagnosis and further treatment. Thus the info we can provide

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