The Cause Of Phlegm Appears In Infants Aged 4 Months?

Illustration of The Cause Of Phlegm Appears In Infants Aged 4 Months?
Illustration: The Cause Of Phlegm Appears In Infants Aged 4 Months?

Sorry I want to ask why yaa my child is 1 month old until now already want 4 months before the sputum is not lost, what’s the cause ..?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Complaints of the appearance of phlegm, actually need to be ascertained in advance, from where you know that there is phlegm in the respiratory system, considering that children their age are still not able to communicate properly.

This is because it will be different if the appearance of phlegm is marked by coughing, marked by shortness of breath, marked by vomiting, or marked by breath sounds. If you suspect sputum due to shortness of breath, for example, it could be not because of sputum, but because of infection or disruption of respiratory structures. Therefore it is important to clarify from where you can conclude there is phlegm on it.

In general, disorders of the respiratory system in infants can occur due to the following things, such as:

Bacterial or viral infections
Poor air, a lot of pollution or cigarette smoke
The respiratory system is not fully developed, for example if born prematurely
Certain medical conditions such as allergies and asthma
The entry of foreign objects or choking, for example because the roof of his mouth is hollow

And many more depending on the results of physical examination. Our advice, you should check your child at a pediatrician or on a pulmonary physician so that his complaints can be traced more deeply through digging his medical history so far, direct physical examination by listening to the sound of his breathing, and supporting examinations if necessary such as X-rays and ultrasound. The handling he will receive later depends on the results of the inspection.

Meanwhile, no need to worry too much, keep breastfeeding whenever he asks, keep away from sick people and cigarette smoke and pollution, and if he breathes quickly so his chest looks interested, weak or something, do not hesitate to check him to the nearest hospital emergency room . So, hopefully answering your question.

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