The Cause Of Prolonged Cough And Sputum Mixed With Blood?

Illustration of The Cause Of Prolonged Cough And Sputum Mixed With Blood?
Illustration: The Cause Of Prolonged Cough And Sputum Mixed With Blood?

Peace be upon you .. r nI want to ask you .. some days my mother has a prolonged cough … and the last few days … my mother coughed up with the virgin, the virgin who came out foamy … r n. but has recovered. now the cough is getting worse .. r n ..

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A cough that does not heal can occur due to a mild cause, but can also be dangerous. In line with this, the appearance of blood when coughing can occur due to a mild cause, namely due to a torn blood vessel in the throat due to a cough that is too hard, or can also indicate more serious conditions, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, to lung cancer.

Here are some possibilities that can cause a cough that does not heal accompanied by blood spots as your mother experienced:

This condition is closely related to genetic factors, which make the body overreact to face the entry of certain substances into the body because it is considered dangerous, when in fact it is not. In addition to coughing, allergies can also make sufferers experience runny nose, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, itchy nose and eyes, runny eyes, sneezing, skin rashes, and so on. Tonsillopharyngitis (inflammation of the throat and tonsils)
Tonsillopharyngitis often occurs due to irritation, for example if your mother often consumes spicy and oily foods. It could also be caused by excessive stretch of the throat muscles, viral or bacterial infections, disorders of the immune system, foreign body intrusion, or other causes. When it comes to amendel, at the back of the throat it can also be observed a reddish and painful lump especially when swallowing food. Not only that, tonsillopharyngitis sufferers generally will also experience coughing, fever, phlegm throat, bad breath, hoarseness, decreased appetite, and other complaints. Bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchus)
Bronchitis can occur acutely (usually due to a viral or bacterial infection) or also chronic (usually due to smoking, exposure to cigarette smoke or other chemical fumes). Not infrequently, in addition to coughing and bleeding mucus, sufferers will also experience chest pain, fever, fatigue, weakness, frequent sweating, additional breath sounds, and various other complaints. Tuberculosis (lung spots) Pneumonia (inflammation of the lung parenchyma) Acid reflux of the stomach (for example in patients with GERD) Lung cancer, etc. Besides coughing and bleeding sputum, are there any other complaints from your mother? How old is your mother? Does he have a smoking habit? Is there a history of other illnesses that he suffered?

We recommend that you consult your mother directly to the nearest doctor or specialist in internal medicine so that the cause of the complaint is clear so far. Various examinations, including complete laboratory tests, x-rays, sputum tests, etc. will also likely be done by a doctor so that your mother's complaints can be handled thoroughly. The treatment that will be given later can vary depending on the cause of the complaint, can be limited to the administration of drugs or other medical interventions.

Here are the first steps you can take:

Let your mother rest more Make sure the living environment is always clean, free from dust, smoke and other irritants of the respiratory tract. Ask your mother to use a mask to avoid the risk of transmission to other family members who are in close contact with her. Give your mother healthy food, rich in nutrition (especially foods that are high in calories and protein), and drink lots of warm water Avoid AC use If there are certain substances that often make your mother allergic, keep her away from these substances Avoid giving cough medicines carelessly (especially those not including over-the-counter drugs ) without a prescription from the doctor Appeals to your mother not to smoke Hopefully it helps yes ..

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