The Cause Of Prolonged Dry Cough Accompanied By Pain When Swallowing?

Illustration of The Cause Of Prolonged Dry Cough Accompanied By Pain When Swallowing?
Illustration: The Cause Of Prolonged Dry Cough Accompanied By Pain When Swallowing?

Asskum wants to ask..thanks I cough not phlegm if I drink water it hurts huh … I guess what medicine is effective

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There are complaints of old coughs that have not yet healed, and complaints of swallowing pain felt by your father, may be caused by strep throat. In patients with strep throat, patients can experience a number of comorbid complaints, such as coughing, runny nose, fever, joint and / or muscle aches, headaches, swallowing pain, bloating, or nausea. One or several complaints can be felt by the patient together, so that patients can feel weak and sometimes experience an appetite disorder due to pain when swallowing food or drink. If your father is a smoker, it is necessary to stop this habit, because this will increase complaints of swallowing pain, and complaints of cough that is recovering or getting worse. Apart from smoking, several other conditions can also trigger complaints of cough that do not get better, such as:

 Lack of sleep Physical fatigue The consumption habits of oily, spicy, or sweet foods Lack of drinking Not taking routine medication Have not seen a doctor directly Aside from strep throat, some complaints of old cough can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as:

 Allergic cough Bronchitis TBC Pneumonia / pneumonia Pleural effusion or fluid in the lining of the lungs If this complaint is not consulted with a family doctor or pulmonary specialist, then the cause of the complaint is unknown and treatment cannot be given. Therefore, treatment without an examination cannot provide good benefits and can risk causing more severe complaints or unexpected side effects of the drug. So I cannot give treatment recommendations for your father because I did not do the examination and can not ascertain the cause.

Visit your doctor or lung specialist in your city to help determine the cause. The doctor will conduct an interview relating to the complaints felt by your father and the habits that are carried out. Furthermore, a physical examination and supporting examination will be planned by your doctor such as a blood or radiological examination. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and further treatment according to the cause.

At this time, during your treatment and recovery period, several things your father needs to pay attention to, such as:

 Avoid physical fatigue Avoid staying up late Avoiding cigarettes or alcohol when consuming Avoid oily and spicy foods Enough water though it feels painful when swallowing Enough healthy nutritious food Such information we can convey.

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