The Cause Of Prolonged Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of The Cause Of Prolonged Right Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: The Cause Of Prolonged Right Abdominal Pain?

In the afternoon I want to ask, it’s been a few days, my right abdomen continues to hurt, why is that?

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In the right abdominal area there are many components, ranging from the outermost, namely the skin, muscles and supporting tissues, to the internal organs that are shaded, such as the intestine, liver, lungs, bile ducts, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, and so on. Pain in this area can occur due to interference from one of the components above, or it could be due to psychological disorders, for example if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, or excessive panic.

Need to be clarified beforehand, besides pain, are there other complaints that you feel? How great is the pain? Are you still able to work well everyday?

Persistent stomach pain in the right abdomen may indicate the following conditions:

Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain that appears accompanied by mood disorders, sleep disorders, memory problems, and fatigue easily) Dyspeptic nerve (increased gastric acid) Gastroenteritis (gastrointestinal infections, for example due to typhoid fever, hepatitis, intestinal worms) Stones or kidney infections Pre menstrual ovarian cyst syndrome (fluid-filled sac that grows in the ovaries) Endometriosis (growth of uterine tissue in other organs) Psychosomatic disorders, etc. If the pain that appears is very unbearable, we urge you not to let it drag on. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine to do a more in-depth examination, including by involving laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, and so on if necessary. Generally, mild abdominal pain will improve enough with the administration of several types of drugs.

Not just seeing a doctor, so healing works more optimally, you can compress the area of ​​the painful stomach with warm water. Avoid massaging or massaging the area of ​​painful stomach carelessly without supervision from a doctor. Get used to maintain body posture in activities, avoid making extreme and repetitive movements in postures that are not ergonomic. Drink a lot, eat regularly, and reduce foods that are too spicy when the stomach is in pain. Finally, do not be lazy to exercise so that the body feels fitter and the pains are reduced.

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