The Cause Of Pus Appears On The Swollen Feet Due To Gout?

Illustration of The Cause Of Pus Appears On The Swollen Feet Due To Gout?
Illustration: The Cause Of Pus Appears On The Swollen Feet Due To Gout?

want to ask if the feet are swollen due to gout and pus appears why?

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Gout or gout can cause health symptoms such as painful sensation in the joints, swelling, sensation of stiffness, redness, and warmth. Some gout sufferers even have difficulty to move some members of the body.

actually swelling that you experience to remove pus can be caused by your uric acid, a lump of uric acid known as TOFI can indeed rupture. Gout appears due to uric acid crystals in the body are in high condition so it continues to accumulate in the joints. If this condition is left alone, it will cause symptoms in the form of the emergence of pain and stiffness to trigger a lump. In addition to causing painful gout attacks, these lumps can also rupture due to inflammation that is already very severe. Usually, this lump rupture is marked by the appearance of a small hole that releases a liquid with a texture similar to toothpaste. This liquid consists of uric acid crystals and pus.

The presence of pus also indicates that the lump has appeared in the infection. If until the lump is broken, it's good indeed for gout sufferers should check this condition to the doctor to get proper wound management. If not, it is feared that the infection will appear to be getting worse.

you should immediately do a doctor's examination to deal with these symptoms, agardokter also can handle this wound well, especially if gout sufferers also have other more serious health problems such as diabetes, will worsen your injury if not treated immediately.

There are several things you can do:

 Wash the wound using a special liquid intended to clean the wound. Afterwards, make sure to keep the wound clean and dry by using sterile gauze. Avoid foods that trigger your gout, such as not eating foods high in purines or avoid staying up late should still be obeyed in order to prevent gout attacks or the reappearance of gout lumps. Check your wound to the doctor so that you can properly handle the wound and the treatment is the information I can give

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