The Cause Of Recurrent TB Disease?

Illustration of The Cause Of Recurrent TB Disease?
Illustration: The Cause Of Recurrent TB Disease?

Hello .. r nI am a tuberculosis patient with a diagnosis of tuberculosis of lung without mention of bacteriol .. r nI am currently experiencing a relapse after 13 months of treatment I have been on … r nI also have to inject streptomicin regularly every day. . r nI would like to ask what is the main cause of the recurrence of TB disease .. r n The second is what food is recommended for TB sufferers like me .. r n The third is what is the purpose of my diagnosis of disease .. r n can the injection be done at night .. r nI am a 17 year old student r n Thank you for the explanation r nWassalamualaikum ..

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Walaikumsalam, good evening Rahma ..

1. TB relapse (relapse) occurs due to reactivation of the TB bacteria in the body or re-infection / infection with TB bacteria, for example, there are people around you who also experience TB and do not seek treatment so that it spreads to you. Transmission of TB occurs through the saliva of a TB sufferer who is inhaled by a healthy person. If you have friends or family who have symptoms in the form of a prolonged cough, especially if the cough is accompanied by blood, accompanied by rapid weight loss, night sweats, prolonged fever, then suggest seeing a doctor so that it can be treated immediately and not. transmit to others.

2. There are no special foods that are recommended for people with TB, as well as for foods that are challenged. The most important thing for people with tuberculosis is to consume nutritious foods, such as foods that are high in protein (to support endurance), high in iron (to prevent anemia due to chronic disease), and high in vitamins.

3. The diagnosis you mean might be "Tuberculosis of lung without mention of bacteriological or histological confirmation". Such a diagnosis is a diagnosis regulated by the ICD (International Classification of Disease) which is currently used as a reference for writing diagnoses in clinics, health centers, and hospitals. The essence of the diagnosis is Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which has not been confirmed by bacteriological examination or histological examination (tissue examination).

4. Actually, streptomicin injection can be done at any time, but what needs to be considered is that the streptomicin injection is done every day at the same time. Do not change the schedule of injections without your doctor's approval. Changes in the injection schedule will increase the risk of resistance (resistance) to the drug given so that healing will be more difficult or longer.

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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