The Cause Of Red Eye And A Lump But Not Painful

Illustration of The Cause Of Red Eye And A Lump But Not Painful
Illustration: The Cause Of Red Eye And A Lump But Not Painful

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Being in front of the computer all day can indeed make your eyes tired and dry, until finally blushed and feels lumpy. Not only that, complaints in your eyes can also be caused by other factors, such as conjunctivitis, pterygium, scleritis, uveitis, subconjunctival bleeding, keratitis, acute closed-angle glaucoma, endophthalmitis, and so on. If you basically have problems with eye refractive disorders, such as myopia, astigmatism, and hypermetropia, then your complaint can seem even more severe.

The danger or not your condition can certainly vary, depending on the cause and severity. Our advice, as long as no severe eye pain, swelling, or sudden blurred vision, you should not panic. Try to resolve your complaint first by:

Drop artificial tears into your eyes
Cold compress your eyes
Protect your eyes from getting in excess of UV rays, dry air, and other foreign objects, for example by using protective glasses, limit out of the house (except emergency), do not over-wear cosmetics around the eyes, and do not hold your eyes unless you wash your hands with soap and rinse until clean
Enough and regular sleep, don't stay up
Limit the use of computers and other gadgets whenever possible. Wherever that is not possible, make sure you set your eyes distance and position well, adjust your computer's lighting well, and rest occasionally when your eyes feel tired.
If you have problems with refraction to the eye, use glasses or contact lenses according to doctor's advice

If the complaint actually feels burdensome, or other complaints that appear more serious as we have mentioned above, do not hesitate to consult yourself directly to the doctor or optometrist for further treatment, ok?

Conversely, if the complaint has improved with the steps above, apparently staying at home and delaying seeing a doctor will be safer for you, so your risk of contracting COVID-19 can be minimized.

Hope this helps ...

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